show review
spizazz Sun Feb 25 '18
Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee,
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Feb 26, '18 11:30 pm

Went to the G3 final show up in Milwaukee this weekend to see Joe, John, and Phil. Phil Collen from Def Leppard came out first and exploded with speed solos and power chords that made your foot stomp! After a couple songs he cooled it down with some blues with a lead singer that joined the band with a lot of soul and a range you only wish you could sing like her. Phil was right in my face as we were in the front row right center. He was astounding yet humble! I am now a big fan!! I want to see Phil in future shows!!

John Petrucci came out next and always amazes me. I think the more he has played with Joe broadened his creativity. John always had the talent, but now plays with a little more kick in his step and a lot more soul. His heavy tone and strumming (chunks) made my heart almost pump out of my chest! As Joe says in Big Bad Moon, "But I liked it!!!" As for the solos, you wont see leads any faster than John. His speed was so fast I am sure he played 20 more notes than I heard... because my brain could not take them all in at once. John rocks and has a legacy now with G3. He is a must see with Joe and with Dream Theater. I actually caught John's pick after playing his set and want to thank him for the awesome souvenir. I think Joe even played with John's pick though the night as he showed him later after the show. Very cool!!

Joe Satriani, The man! The legend! The music! When Joe came out the place went crazy and so did he! Joe looked like a man on a mission to ROCK YOU ALL!! He played "Shockwave Supernova", and "Cherry Blossoms", two of my favorite new songs! The solo in Shockwave Supernova has notes that strike my heartstrings! I just want to say to Joe, "I truly get it". Your songs touch our lives!! He also played couple retro tunes from his 30 year tenure, like "Surfing with the Alien" and "Circles". WoW! It was so good to hear them again. It made me think of the time I heard him on the radio over 30 years ago in Atlanta while on a business trip. He was playing at a Cotton Club in the city and I became a lifelong fan after hearing "Memories". Which is rightfully named as many of his songs eventually reveal! Joe then turned it up again and welcomed back Phil and John on the stage.

For the last set, Phil and John joined Joe for a G3 that killed!! I was blown away by all the excitement, energy, and the talent these three artist showcased. They are all masters at the guitar and yet truly respect each other while playing and having fun creating music and solos never heard before, within covers like "Very Superstitious", and "I'm Going Down" a G3 classic. I can't say enough about the show and the night on how much fun it was for us too!! I just want to thank Joe, John, and Phil for making history. It was an honor and a thrill being there to see you guys!! I would tell everyone else... don't miss "What Happens Next!!!"