show review
extreme92 Fri Feb 23 '18
Chicago Theatre, Chicago,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Feb 24, '18 3:32 pm

Even when he shares the stage with two other Guitar Gods, Joe never disappoints. Playing a tight setlist, Joe worked in his new material from his new (and fantastic) "What Happens Next" album. Joe seems to really be in the "flow" of his work right now. He seems to be enjoying himself on-stage in a way i've never seen from him before. Mixing in the older, newer, and some of the hits, worked well with hearing the new material. Joe then brought up John and Phil to jam out to some really fun cover songs to close out a fantastic show and a fantastic night.

Seeing these three men work their craft separately, and then together, only re-affirms and reminds me of how amazing the guitar is, and how deep their love for the music really is. I can't say enough good things about this show. This was my fifth Satch show, and I intend to add to that as much as I can.

Joe, John, and Phil: You guys ROCK! Thanks for an awesome night of awesome music! Whatever "happens next", I look forward to it.