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peggers369 Fri Jan 19 '18
Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles,
Rank: Posted: Thu Mar 15, '18 4:23 am
FINALLY! After 30 years of numerous attempts to form complete and coherrent sentences when im trying to talk to Joe , i was finally able to keep my nerves calm enough to effectively communicate with the only person on the planet that i pay to see. Why? Because 30 years ago my mother said to me.. My dear, you have GOT to listen to this gorgeous young man shred guitar! I bet he becomes your favoritest ever! . Well, YEAH! Has been, the only artist whose music touches my soul. When sad , it has made me happy. When happy it has lifted me even higher. It has calmed my nerves, eased my tension, soothed my anger. It has made me cry when i needed to and given me hope when i had none. It has literally saved my soul . So when i had the opportunity to meet n greet with him in 2016 , it felt like a dream , right up until Joe appeared. The reality hit and the reality was that i was totally unprepared to be face to face with the only dude i would consider worshipping . ( ok. And maybe do just a little ) so i was disappointed in my inability to keep my composure after talking s**t about starstruck fans all of my life. Epic failure. But still the best moment of my life thanx to Joes grace with dumbstruck emotional trainwrecks and his stellar performance on stage. So when my magnificent husband told me about the G3 meet n greet, i went into preparation overdrive. I put intense thought and effort into what i wanted to say and wear and then the epiphany.... give Joe something that comes from the same place in me that his music comes from in him! So i excused myself from the rest of my life for the few days i had left until concert time and when i was done there was this little wooden stash box in yin yang form. Joes music speaks to my soul and that was the response. And this picture is of my NEW BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. !!!