show review
kiteflyer Fri Jan 12 '18
Historic Elsinore Theatre, Salem,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jan 13, '18 12:52 pm
Fantastic to get to see satriani , petrucci and Collins in my own town , I really appreciate that they do smaller more personal shows at local venues, it makes them more accessible to people who wouldnít ordinarily get to go. The vip tickets available for these shows is a fantastic idea who doesnít want to meet their favorite rock idols in person and shake their hand , get a pic and autograph wow, then there is the giveaway if you sign up to see the show on joes website , I havenít won it yet but it is a great idea for a fan to get to meet their mentor. The show itself was , well , superb , just as they always have been in the past , satrianis flying in a blue dream sang out with such beauty and feeling it took me back right to the first time I heard it and petrucci was right on the money with guitar tone to die for , Collins was also fantastic with his superb playing ability . With all three of these guitar geniuses on stage at the same time , I was enraptured to a new plateau and so will you be when you go out and see the show , itís Awesome just plain Awesome!