show review
McAsshole Fri Jun 24 '16
Poppodium Hedon
Zwolle, , NL
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri Jul 01, '16 2:43 pm
The evening started pretty bad, to be honest. Me and my wife were on the list for a meet and greet with Joe. We arrived way too late due to miscommunication between Hedon staff and us. They told us the meet & greet wouldn't take place untill 8 pm. If we had waited for five more minutes we would have met his highness... Anyway, we decided we wouldn't let that setback ruin our night. We entered Hedon, couldn't get past the merch stand without buying a shirt and went inside. A small venue, probably the smallest on this tour. (Not even 1000 souls inside) The show started around 21:30 with Shockwave supernova, Flying in a blue dream and a truly terrific version of Ice 9. So much energy in that song and fantastic interaction between all musicians on stage! On went the night with a great mix of old and new songs. Joe Brian and Mike were allowed a short break when Marco performed a great drumsolo. We were in the crowd within 20 feet of the stage with a good view at the action and had a fantastic night! Thanks a bunch and get back soon!