show review
Ike Sat Apr 16 '16
Fitzgerald Theater
St. Paul, MN, US
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Wed May 11 '16
5:39 am
The Fitzgerald Theater, what a great venue to experience the 43rd stop (in 2016) on the Surfing to Shockwave tour. I had the good fortune to be seated in the center, 4 rows back from the stage. What a treat to be able to see you guys doing your thing from close range. Donning the Wild jersey for the encore was such a nice touch, you and the guys are the best. See you in Fargo.

(bill dahlberg)
Sat Apr 16 '16
Fitzgerald Theater
St. Paul, MN, US
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Sun Apr 17 '16
1:40 am
had a crazy night, joe played fantastic, and thank you for sportin the MN WILD jersey at the end, being a hardcore hockey and joe fan it was a prophetic moment to see that. an interesting story that ties in with "goodbye supernova", at the exact peak moment of the song where "shockwave" melts into the sea, that exact moment you were playing that part joe (which always gets me emotional), the guy i was sitting next to in the first balcony had a heart attack. im almost in tears because of the song, this friend of a friend sitting next to me leans into me and he could have died right then and there. i ran for help, this guy stumbles down the stairs and passes out. he was recently hospitalized for similar problems. he's fine now, but it got pretty chaotic. after the medical staff got there and took over i saw on the lobby monitor of the show that you had a WILD jersey on and were jammin big bad moon, i was like, he's in good hands, ran back upstairs all jacked on adrenaline and thoroughly enjoyed your encore. weird night, music was intense and insanely perfect... been a hardcore fan since 1989 and always will be, best of luck on the rest of the tour and please... please. don't let this be your last run, come back again, minnesota loves you bro! :)