show review
therockdisciple Wed Apr 13 '16
The Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri Apr 22, '16 5:35 am

Not sure why it is so hard for Satch to remember to work stage left. He was at stage right for about 2/3 of the show, the center mark for about 1/3 of the show, and never moved beyond the center mark - not once.

Satch is GREAT in every other aspect I can think of. But I've never had an issue with any other guitarists/musicians working the full stage at shows I have been to.

Zakk Wylde works left, center, right, and will even enter the audience and play with the crowd. Buckethead works the full stage and lets the crowd touch his guitar and gives out tons of souveniers. Yngwie Malmsteen moves all over the place very quickly and constantly throws picks into the crowd. I wish Satch would improve his stage skills and interface with the audience better. That's really the only place I felt was lacking. Otherwise, it was a truly remarkable show. Maybe others' experiences are different, but these were my experiences with each of these guys at the shows I have been to.

(David Lumley)
Wed Apr 13 '16
The Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Apr 15, '16 3:51 am
What a great show! The Shockwave Supernova songs really rock live. The band was really in sync all night. My personal highlights were the extended Satch Keneally Jams. Having Mike in the band is like icing on the cake for me, because I've been a fan since I saw him in Zappa's band back in 1988. I totally admit that my score of 9 is based entirely on nitpicking. I took off a point because of the absence of any songs from Unstoppable Momentum. I totally get why they were left out, but I am still totally in love with that album. If I could have used a fraction I would have given the show a 9.9!