show review
(Dean Miskovich)
Sun Apr 10 '16
Hard Rock Live
Northfield, OH, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 11, '16 6:25 am
It's a rare thing to put so much talent on one stage. Joe, Mike, Marco, and Brian put on a fantastic show in Northfield, OH. Two+ hours of our favorite "Satch" songs performed by a great band with energy to spare. WOW Brian Beller's base lines fit well with Joe's style; heavy when appropriate, light when not. He also brings a ton of energy to the mix. Nice work. Mike Keneally plays guitar and keyboards very well and held his own in duets with Joe. No easy feat I'm sure. Equally accomplished on keyboards, Mike compares favorably to Bob Mayo who played both instruments for Peter Frampton. The second set started with an absolutely incredible drum solo by Marco Minnemann. This is NOT to be missed. So don't. Pay some attention to the rest of his work during the show. He plays his ASS off! Of course, Joe puts on a clinic with his guitar work. Naturally. His stage work follows his studio offerings closely. Still, his improvisations are amazing. I'm not a guitarist but when he played "Crystal Planet" and shredded that guitar he made it look easy. I'll bet it's not. He switched guitars about every 3 songs. Must because any more and they would start to melt! Incredib;e show. Thanks!