show review
MChrisom Sat Mar 26 '16
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Apr 01, '16 7:33 pm

I was completely blown away by this show. Joe, and the rest of the band, were in the pocket - at it was all systems go! I do not say this very often, but I was truly amazed. Every aspect of this perforance was conceived, planned and executed at a very high level. I would say musically speaking, it was an "ON" night for the guys, but I would suggest that with this group of talented musicians - that is probably normal. Joe is a Master Guitar player, that is completely obvious. But, he is also a Master artist and idea cultivator. And, in a day and age of cookie cutter, prepackaged, stick with what works and serve it up fast music prodction, all I can say is thank God for Joe Satriani. I'm a fan for life, thank you Joe!!!

Your deciple, Matthew