show review
(Brennan Bergeron)
Sat Mar 12 '16
Orpheum Theater
New Orleans, LA, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Sun Mar 13, '16 9:21 pm

I was so pleased to see Joe and the crew in the beautifully refinished Orpheum. I took a bud with me who is also a musician. It was his first time seeing Satriani live and my 4th. He was not let down. I was so pleasantly surprised to be greeted with some of my old favorites, especially Luminous Flesh Giants! Oh yeah!

I was a little bummed by the crowd. I wanted to stand and cheer but I felt like I'd be blocking the mostly seated audience. It was a bit tame. Also, I felt the audio was a bit too loud considering the venue. I could hear much more subtlety to the musicianship by covering my ears occasionally.

That said, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to witness the encore on the sidestage. I never 'win' anything so I cannot tell you the excitement and gratitude felt for this gesture. We were welcomed and accommodated beyond expectation. Joe even took a moment to acknowledge us and make a joke about us knowing when to come on and which instruments to play! It made for a lifelong memory, to be sure.

I'm a longtime fan and will be for the rest of my life. Joe's music has been with me through the best of times as well as the worst of times. It's meaning is beyond words for me. And I appreciate that his work is always inviting and encouraging to aspiring guitarists, while still wowing in technical proficiency. The musical phrasing is always genius!

I was so happy to see this performance and look forward to the next opportunity to see him (as well as selected band) again.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!