show review
novjul Wed Mar 09 '16
The Majestic Theatre
Dallas, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Mar 10, '16 8:52 am

The magical moment arrived where we all streamed like a lava flow downhill into the sea of red velvet seats. I located my seat on row D. Next to my seat was a young man with SLR and a massive zoom lens. Straightaway I jumped in: "You'll get some awesome shots with that!" He replied, "I came eight thousand miles to see this show." I said that has to be some kind of record. He never volunteered his name, and I didn't volunteer mine, but we swapped our Joe histories. This was his first time to see Joe! From Bangladesh, he is a student at University of Texas Arlington since 2014, and a fan since 2008. He wanted to do the meet and greet, but it was sold out. Instead, he posted a photo of his ticket on facebook and his friends were jealous.

I opted out of the smart-phone photo and video fest, explaining this takes me away from the experience. I watched the folks in the middle section (I was right on the aisle, on the side) all through the show coming and going, stepping over other fans, with their plastic tumblers of beer. I remarked at intermission I was glad we didn't have to put up with all that back and forth, wondering aloud, "Did you come to see Joe, or to drink beer?". Sadly, I've seen this at almost every concert.

For me, when it comes to a Satriani concert, it's all about the screaming. That's right: I go to the show to scream my love. I don't let any camera, video, or audio get between Me and the Screaming.

It turns out I had the perfect seat, with the perfect companion in the next seat.

At the intermission and again at the end his main reaction was "Amazing!". All I could do was agree. He took a selfie with me before we left our seats for the evening. (I was too shy to ask him for the same on my phone.) I told him I hope someday he gets to meet Joe.

And to Joe Satriani from a face in the crowd: Thank You for this incredible concert experience - - the lights, the videos, the crazy band-mates - - all coming together with YOU and the gift of Your Music.