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hansseng Sun Sep 27 '15
De Roma, Antwerp,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Nov 01, '15 3:49 am
This was the first time I've seen Joe Satriani after being a fan for many years. I bought my first DVD's in 2003. From that day on I liked the way Satriani plays. I play guitar myself but I never dared to try songs from Satch. After playing 15 years and having some real good guitar teachers I now dare to learn songs from Satriani. I must say that it's real challenge to learn his songs, but once you get some Joe sounds out of a guitar it feels amazing. I had to buy a VIP package, I wanted to see Joe in person. The Meet and Greet was great, what a down to earth personality while he is the best of the world !! The concert was a first row concert. First time I see Joe and I got to see him playing from the first row !! Amazing !! I like the new CD a lot, when he started with the song Shockwave Supernova, it's a right in your face kickoff of a great show !! I liked the playing of Mike Keneally also a lot, guitar while playing keyboard kicks ass :-). Keep up the good work and see you next year on Hellfest... if I can wait that long :-).