show review
(Philippe Maingoutaud)
Fri Sep 18 '15
Espace du Crouzy
Boisseuil, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 19, '15 12:06 pm

Aliens came back! Hey, Joe! Thanks for coming in this french little townn. I didn't believe it was real...the show was great and thanks to your friends around you, I'm sure now that you are Not of this earth! Listening to Shockwave Supernova, it sounds to me that you are in a circle...back to the 80's but with 30 years of live experience.

Many "Thank you"

peter metcalfe Fri Sep 18 '15
Espace du Crouzy
Boisseuil, , FR
Rank: 3 Posted: Wed Sep 23, '15 1:42 am
Who chose this venue! A world tour by Joe Satriani and the best Limoges can do is a village hall. The stage was set low and it was standing room only. If you were under 6 ft tall you had difficulty seeing, if under 5ft 6inch you saw nothing unless you were at the front which we were unable to do. The ceiling was low which meant the acoustics were poor and the sound deafening. As a result we left early.