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fraub Mon Oct 05 '15
Teatro della Luna, Milan,
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue Oct 06, '15 12:28 pm

I had the opportunity to meet Joe before the show, and he is really a kind man. It was a dream...the concert? amazing. He performed also unusual songs and of course the most famous ones. I'm not a guitar player, I play keyboards but Joe is so full of talent! The thing I like most it's the the fact that the technics is at the service of the sound, of the idea Joe wants to communicate...not the opposite.

I didn't give 10 because of the location. I do not like Teatro della Luna. It is a place good for musical, not for a rock concert. People wants to stand up and move....drink Teatro della Luna the armchairs are so narrow that you are blocked in your seat. Last year in Live at Trezzo D'Adda the location was perfect. Ciao Silvia