show review
aquilotto Tue Nov 10 '15
Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, London,
Rank: 8 Posted: Sat Dec 19, '15 2:54 am

Good things and bad things.

Great show as usual. Joe can give me great emotions every time I go to see him, and the last 15 years have been so many times when I was there. This time I traveled from Italy to see him and it was a wonderful experience, I brought my sister (her first show of Joe) and liked.

The only negative? The mixer, the volume and clarity of sound. Well, we are in 2015 and is no longer plausible to a paste like that. The volume was too high and definitely did not help. IMHO it's imperative to review something so that the experience (even for those who go for the first time) to become excellent!

Thank you Joe, thank you very much, see you as soon as possible, again!

benjybassplayer Tue Nov 10 '15
Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, London,
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Nov 13, '15 2:52 am

I scored 9 because I have gripe that really needs attention.

The good news is, the show was awesome. Joe just gets better and better, unlike some of the guitar greats who are losing their edge. He gave us a fantastic performance; thank you.

I have come to expect his work to be fast, accurate, creative and truly "sharp". Joe never disappoints and I always leave feeling it was a true privilege to have been there. The reaction from the floor is always enthusiastic and he can be sure the following really appreciate the work of a talented man. His interaction with the fans is always warm and I get the impression he really enjoys being there which is fantastic. The great Steve Hackett has a similar rapport with his following.

My one gripe, sorry, is the mixing. On many of the songs they push the drum and bass to the fore and it makes it hard to follow Joe. I don't come to listen to a drum and bass show. I am here for Joe and so are most of the following. If I want to hear Bass I go to see Gerry McAvoy and friends. I know Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann are good and we appreciate that, but lets not have them take centre stage and drown out the genius that brought us to the show.

lanner Tue Nov 10 '15
Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, London,
Rank: Posted: Thu Nov 12, '15 7:24 am
Awesome gig as you would expect. Actually met Joe and he kindly signed my guitar and drew an alien on it :-) . Great guy spent loads of time with us. Can't wait til the next tour Richard