show review
Sarg Sun Nov 09 '14
Her Majesty's Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 7 Posted:
Wed Dec 10 '14
11:06 pm
Joe is without question my all time favourite guitar player and anyone who goes to a Satch show will always see a world class performance by Joe. There is never any question of that and Joe once again played in his impressive way, like only Joe does. Unfortunately I did find the quality of the sound to be no where near as good as when we have seen Satch on previous occasions. The speakers near where we were sitting were working too hard and did not sound clear at all. It was a bit disappointing, as previous shows we had seen the sound was clear and great, e.g. like at Thebarton Theatre. So that was the only negative. Hence a 7 out of ten and not a 10. The unstoppable Momentum album as most would agree has some very cool material and it was good to see Joe bring the songs to the live stage. I liked 'Shine on American Dreamer' and 'Crying' as my stand out favourites for the night. I thought the film footage on the back screen was also cool. Also I liked the support act, and the drum solo was awesome. Overall we had a great night at Joe's gig and as always look forward to next time.

FenderSRV Sun Nov 09 '14
Her Majesty's Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 1 Posted:
Tue Nov 18 '14
9:24 am
My partner & I were in Adelaide for a weeks holiday from NZ and this was supposed to be the highlight of the trip on the last night before returning home. I'm a guitarist myself playing Fender & Gibson. We were seated upstairs in the dress circle in the middle and right from the start of the show the sound was at a painfully loud level. It was far too loud, I had a young girl next to me with earmuffs on looking quite distressed trying to shield her ears against her mother.After about 10 minutes of Joe's playing damage to my right ear occurred & I am now faced with permanent hearing loss in my right ear & missing out on the higher frequencies. This show should have been stopped and levels addressed, they were at dangerous levels, do they not care about what can happen to our precious hearing. It absolutely ruined the show for me & I've been told the sound crew were asked to turn it down but did not & that the sound emitting from the stage was greater than through the PA. An absolutely dreadful experience, never again!

(Nick Carew)
Sun Nov 09 '14
Her Majesty's Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 10 Posted:
Thu Nov 13 '14
1:56 am
I missed seeing Joe play at the G-Taranaki guitar festival in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 2008 and it was my good fortune that I was in Adelaide on the 9 Nov14. It was everything I expected and more and it was clearly evident that Joe was having a great time in one of my favourite venues in Adelaide. It would be remiss of me not to mention the supporting musicians Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally. I'm not a great fan of drum solos but that one was spellbinding. I've seen a lot of artists in my life but Joe you truly entertain us and let your guitar do the talking