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Diggrr Wed Dec 08 '10
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted:
Tue Dec 28 '10
6:12 am
Awesome show! as usual! great new line-up, and set list.

(Dave Rowland)
Wed Dec 08 '10
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted:
Fri Dec 10 '10
8:15 am
Joe was amazing as ever! You look great for 54! I think that's what happens when you are married to the same woman, keep in shape & stay off Booze & Drugs! 1 question to everyone: Would you like to look like Joe & have No hair? Or look like Keith Richards with Hair? He did at lease 6 or 7 songs off the new album. Premonition, Pyrrhic Victoria, Light Years Away, Solitude,Wind In The Tress is better live than on the CD. Glad you never did The Golden Room, which to me is the weakest track on new new Album. Like another reveiwer said, I was dissapointed that Worm Hole Wizards was not done. War was amazing & encores of Crowd Chant & Summer Song. Mike & Allen were really good. Having keyboards adds more depth to the band. Hi to Galen as well...... It was great to hear Crystal Planet again as well as Big Bad Moon. One of the things that I thought was hilarious was the video images during Mystical Potatoe Head. My brother & I kept laughing at it every time it came up! I do the same crazy stuff on my i-mac photo booth. Joe you are truly creative in so many ways! Lighting was great too! One song that you won't hear is Surfing With The Alien, which I was a bit surprised. But he has so many songs now that he can't do everything. That's why it great to see him everytime he tours, because a lot of songs on this tour he may not ever be played again live. This was my 7th time seeing Joe & I had premium passes on the Super Colossal tour & one thing is a 100% Guarantee, Joe will not dissapoint the fans. Joe you are a true gentelmen! Can't wait to see you again. Ned Evett was OK, he only does 4 songs. In the future I really hope that Gary Hoey will be given a chance to open up, or even better, be with him on a G3 tour. Ho Ho Hoey Christmas to all & all the best for 2011!

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