beyond the supernova box set
Release Date Feb 15, 2019
Beyond The Supernova Box Set


I'm thrilled to be able to bring to you "Beyond The Supernova" on DVD. ZZ's stunning film is more than a documentary, it is an artform unto itself and it tells a unique story that only he could have discovered. It's a raw and revealing, behind the scenes look at a musician's cathartic, artistic process while on a world tour. The film combines beautiful, evocative imagary and music with a backstage pass to a rock band's romp through Europe and Asia. In addition to the DVD we've included the film's soundtrack with new original music from ZZ and myself, extended live tracks from the film, as well as ten bonus tracks. This has been a fantastic project to work on. Thanks to my team, crew and family for their great work and support. Enjoy!
- Joe Satriani
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Joe Satriani fans rejoice! At long last, the documentary "Beyond the Supernova" is available as part of an incredible box set commemorating the film's release on DVD. The collection, named BEYOND THE SUPERNOVA BOX SET, is packaged in a beautiful custom-designed acrylic box suitable for display and includes:



30 years after the release of his multi-platinum selling album, Surfing with the Alien, Joe Satriani searches for the next step in his career. "Beyond the Supernova" is a tour documentary that offers a glimpse into the mind of the guitarist. Join Satriani while he performs music from Shockwave Supernova through Asia and Europe as he looks back on his career. We learn of the autobiographical concept behind the record and how it plays into determining Joe Satriani's next creative step. We'll also go behind the scenes of the Surfing To Shockwave World Tour featuring performances from Joe, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann, as well as cameo appearances by guitarists Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan. (Duration: 58 min)


Re-Release + Box Set Bundle (5:12)
Joe & ZZ On The Film (7:38)
Featured Song: Travel Song Asia 1 (1:13)
Featured Film Clip #3 (1:58)
Featured Song: Industrial Starstomper (2:04)
Featured Film Clip #2 (1:25)
Featured Song: Surf Intro (1:18)
Featured Film Clip #1 (1:38)
Featured Song: Texas India - Celebration (1:32)
Beyond The Supernova Film:
Stingray PausePlay Interview
Beyond The Supernova Film:
Stringray Qello Trailer
Beyond The Supernova Film:
AXS.TV First Look Promo
Beyond The Supernova Film:
Film Festival Trailer


Beyond the Supernova Box Set Track listing:

CD 1 - Film Music and Bonus Tracks

01 "Project 4 ZZ Keys Only" (ZZ Satriani)
02 "Industrial Starstomper 1 With Guitar" (Joe Satriani)
03 "Project 4 Mix With Guitar" (ZZ Satriani)
04 "Travel Song 1 Asia" (Joe Satriani)
05 "Industrial Groove 1" (Joe Satriani)
06 "Travel Song 2" (Joe Satriani)
07 "Sagittarius (Live)" (Mike Keneally)
08 "Birthday Drone" (ZZ Satriani)
09 "Flying On Earth - Memory Song" (Joe Satriani)
10 "Surf Intro" (ZZ Satriani)
11 "Part Three Banger" (ZZ Satriani)
12 "Texas India - Celebration" (Joe Satriani)
13 "Crazy Joey Intro" (ZZ Satriani)
14 "Opening Song 1" (ZZ Satriani)
15 "Komat Ekomat" (Joe Satriani)
16 "ART 2016 Theme Song" (Joe Satriani)
* Total time 43:18

CD 2 - Live Film Music and Bonus Tracks

01 "Shockwave Supernova Live in Seoul" (Joe Satriani)
02 "Crazy Joey Live in Seoul" (Joe Satriani)
03 "Surfing With The Alien Live at Hellfest" (Joe Satriani)
04 "Singapore Soundcheck" (Joe Satriani)
05 "Oslo Encore" (Joe Satriani)
06 "Beijing Blues" (Joe Satriani)
07 "Singapore Blues Jam" (Joe Satriani)
08 "Lost In A Memory Remix" by John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani)
09 "Cataclysmic Remix" by Keith More (Joe Satriani)
10 "In My Pocket Remix" by Keith More (Joe Satriani)
11 "Stars Race Across The Sky Remix" by John Cuniberti with Eric Caudieux (Joe Satriani)
12 "Goodbye Supernova Remix" by John Cuniberti with Eric Caudieux (Joe Satriani)
13 "BBW DDL Jam Mix" (Joe Satriani)
14 "BBW #2 Mix" (Joe Satriani)
15 "BBW #3 Mix" (Joe Satriani)
16 "Music Without Words" (Joe Satriani, Robin DiMaggio)
* Total time 67:04


San Jose Mercury News


"Beyond The Supernova" Filmed, Edited, Directed and Produced by ZZ Satriani
Excutive Producers - Joe Satriani, Satch Tours


Joe Satriani
Bryan Beller
Mike Keneally
Marco Minnemann
Steve Vai
Guthrie Govan

Sound Design - ZZ Satriani
Film Music - ZZ Satriani and Joe Satriani
Recorded and Mixed - ZZ Satriani and Joe Satriani
Mastered by John Cuniberti


Film's Studio Tracks:
Recorded and Mixed by Joe and ZZ at Studio 21 and Ground Zeno
Mastered by John Cuniberti

Joe Satriani - guitar, bass, keyboards, sound design
ZZ Satriani - keyboards, sound design
Brain - drums

Live Tracks:

Recorded by Mike Babcock
Mixed by Keith More
*except "Surfing With The Alien" - live mix recorded by Hellfest broadcast engineers
*"Sagittarius (Live)" written by Mike Keneally
*"Music Without Words" written by Joe Satriani and Robin DiMaggio
Mastered by John Cuniberti