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In other cases, the nuclear family unit may live near their extended family. In these arrangements, grandparents, aunts and uncles often help in raising the children.

Grandparents are greatly respected. In Sephardi families, grandparents often look forward to the honour of their grandchild being named after them.

Secular Hiloni Jewish couples tend to have one to three children, traditional Masorti and religious Dati Jewish families usually have three to six, and ultra-Orthodox Haredi families often have seven or more. Some children return to their family home after their military service to live while they complete their university studies.

The relationship of steady dating to self-esteem and sex role identity among adolescents

Gender Roles Among secular Hiloni Jews, women and men are generally considered equal and have access to the same opportunities. Women are able to work in all sectors of society, and are treated equal before the law. Within conservative religious communities, women and men tend to have defined gender norms they are expected to uphold. Women are expected to manage household affairs and care for the children. In religious Dati and ultra-Orthodox Haredi families, it is often considered a holy act for a woman to bear many children.

Meanwhile, men are expected to study Jewish laws and traditions in Talmudic schools.

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Traditionally, the father is the head of the family and the breadwinner. Among younger secular families, both women and men may financially support the household, tend to housekeeping tasks and participate in decision-making. Photos, please. Then it s back to tradition. In this startup, the matchmaker happens to be the founder s mom.

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Tubi Postavsky doesn t follow the custom of meeting participants — or parents — in person. But she digs into their soul on the phone.

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