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My question is this: how do I tell him? I m all about body positivity but the kind of women he s attracted to put time and care into their appearance and I think he should do the same!

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Hinting has not worked. I love him as is but don t want to listen to him complain that it s tough for a "middle-aged guy" to find a date. His age is not the issue! Husband Is Not Trying Enough Really A lot of young straight guys think a casual disregard for their own looks is masculine and alluring.

And it often works—until those ear and nose hairs start coming in. At that point they think, "I m not doing anything differently but I m not getting attention like I used to!

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I m a young gay man who likes to be spanked hard. I tried dating nice guys, but they didn t want to hurt me. Now I want to give kinky hookup apps a try, but I worry sadistic guys who do want to hurt me won t be nice. I want to be hurt but I m worried about being with someone who enjoys it too much. Does that make sense? I m kind of stuck and could use a little push. That s the push you wanted, right? Some kinky people are assholes, of course, so use your best judgment and trust your gut.

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But I gotta say… some of the nicest guys I ve ever met were sadists. It wasn t just that these guys wanted to hurt me in safe, sane, and mutually pleasurable ways and that was nice of them. They were genuinely sweet. At first, I thought they might be overcompensating out of guilt, HELP, or, even worse, that their kindness was an act. But eventually I had to conclude that some sort of inverse relationship exists between being the kind of self-aware, self-actualized sadist who wants to do terrible things to someone who wants terrible things done to them, and just generally being a decent and thoughtful person.

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