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For others like Ms. She sort of stumbled into monetising her sexuality, and only started taking it seriously when a male friend requested some nude photos for a fee.

Slavery in Nigeria

She then realised the untapped market right before her and has since made it a little side gig. Every day, these women conceptualise their own shoots, produce them, maintain sustainable relationships with clients whilst trying to stay in tune with current adult content trends. They are basically one-women production and marketing companies, run out of their homes.

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We spoke to rich female students who engaged in it for sexual fulfilment. I have a guy that I help financially, and on the long run he pays me back with sex. Challenges In this research we identified a few challenges.

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This put them at risk of catching sexually transmitted infections and, consequently, the cost of treatment. As one student said: I am always scared of having naked unprotected sex.

Although sometimes some men always want naked sex and in that case, they will have to pay triple than what is earlier bargained.

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Part of the money realised as a runs-girl are used in revitalising the body, in which I go to the hospital once in a month to examine myself. Other risks are that the women could be physically harmed. This is particularly true if the clients choose not to pay an agreed amount.

History records several naked or half naked protests by women caused by displeasure with government policies or incidents seen as too dangerous to be ignored.

These protests were mostly successful in achieving their objectives. Naked protests are always employed as a last resort. They protested harsh colonial policies.

Nigeria: Human Trafficking Factsheet

Before the incident, the protesters had employed other means like petitioning the colonial authorities. They protested how their water and land had been contaminated by the presence of Chevron Texaco, through oil spills and gas flares. They accused the company of gross exploitation of the people of the region and not distributing enough of the wealth it obtains from oil.

They also demanded infrastructural changes. Before then, their men had tried but failed.