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This webinar will focus on tools, skills, and discussions surrounding dating and seeking new relationships in the midst of a pandemic. This webinar will also include a chance to ask Dr. Dating in a Pandemic is a part of our three-part webinar series: Adulting in a Pandemic, specifically geared towards Young Adults. This is a FREE webinar.

Dating in a Pandemic

To register, click here. These emotions can be especially overwhelming and tough to manage during the coronavirus pandemic. This time is filled with uncertainty, higher levels of anxiety and frustration, grief, income loss, health complications, and feelings of disconnected and loneliness. It provides an opportunity to learn how your date handles challenging situations. And, since unexpected challenges are inevitable in life, you get to assess their skills in managing distress if you are looking to build a life with this person.

CBT Treatment for Social Anxiety and Social Phobia

This is an opportunity to build empathy among strangers trying to navigate similar challenges. You can save time and money dating virtually. The good news is that there are ways to reduce and manage anxiety surrounding dating in the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some helpful tips: Notice if you are judging your anxiety. Anxiety can actually help you stay focused and motivated on the date! You may start off by naming and labeling your anxiety The more you accept your emotions and validate them, the less overwhelming they will feel.

Relationship Difficulties

And hey, news flash! The person you are sitting across from on the screen is most likely anxious too.

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You are not alone! Although it may FEEL like you will be alone forever, this is unlikely to be true, and it is important to not let that thought interfere with working toward your goals. It may take time, so be patient, encourage yourself, and incorporate self-compassion when coaching yourself through Remember, not everyone will be a match, and that is OK.

Radical acceptance is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT skill that can help tremendously during the rollercoaster of dating in a pandemic.

Aaron T. Beck

Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy Having anxiety in social situations or situations that involve other people is very common in the United States.

Oftentimes, when this disorder is left untreated, it can result in severe functional impairment. Studies have found untreated social anxiety disorder to be associated with much higher rates of depression, substance abuse, and other anxiety disorders.

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Fortunately, there is a cure for social anxiety disorder: Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT. Numerous research studies have found CBT to be the treatment of choice for social anxiety , significantly more effective than medication or traditional talk-therapy. We also offer couples therapy for couples experiencing stress and those who are just trying to make their relationship even better. Can We Help You? CBT Associates is not an emergency or crisis service.

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