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In early adulthood, other reasons for dating may prevail in comparison to older adulthood. During this phase in life, it could be that a cancer history implies that the other person is less similar at a young age, few people have been confronted with such a serious life event , resulting in less interest.

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To account for this, we first assessed interest in the person before learning about the cancer history to examine whether the disclosure of a cancer history would decrease this initial interest. We then asked participants when they would like to learn about a cancer history from a dating partner. Students did not receive credits for their participation, but were informed that this study was part of their colloquium and that they would be informed about the results in an upcoming lecture.

The voluntary and anonymous character of the study was explained online and participants were informed that by proceeding with the questionnaire, they indicated their consent with participation. The male and female pictures were selected based on age comparable to the age of first year students and attractive looks.

Finally, all participants including those in the healthy condition were asked when they would like to learn about a cancer history of a potential romantic partner No significant effects were found for gender or the interaction of condition and gender. Discussion Young adult single students were as interested in dating another student who was treated for cancer a few years earlier than someone without such an illness history.

First, investigators identified the core components of SBIRT required for all hospitals: screening the patient with a validated tool and then providing a brief intervention and referral to treatment when indicated. All other aspects To support successful implementation, investigators planned for the use of several implementation strategies.

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For example, investigators obtained formal commitments to participate in the study from the chief nursing officer at each facility, the chief nursing officers identified site coordinators to act as champions, investigators prepared site coordinators to lead implementation, and the investigators and nurse leaders worked together to inform local opinion leaders about the implementation of SBIRT. As investigators and other stakeholders used strategies to prepare for implementation, they created and used tools to provide information or guidance.

The education included adjuncts like PowerPoint slides, videos, quizzes, and role-play scenarios. As the investigators prepared for implementation, they reviewed tools used in prior research studies, identified existing tools, or created new tools to support this work.

Site coordinators unable to attend the training received the toolkit, completed training virtually, and validated competency with a study investigator. During this phase, investigators and site coordinators used several strategies to support implementation, including assessment and identification of barriers and facilitators to implementation; distribution of educational materials; ongoing training, audit and feedback regarding SBIRT fidelity and the implementation process; and adaptation of the intervention.

During this phase, site coordinators were able to use and adapt tools that were already available or create new tools to support implementation.

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Next, using this self-assessment data, each site coordinator collaborated with investigators and nurse leaders to prepare for implementation. Tips in different ideas around the yuan soil are launched.

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