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I asked a woman to dinner and on the first date she revealed she hadn t had sex in years.

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A post-menopausal woman may not look forward to having an overweight man in bed with her. Here I am, engaged to be married soon to a terrific widower I met on an online dating site.

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When my husband died two years ago, I decided I didn t want to spend the rest of my life single. I knew I could join lots of clubs, take trips, etc.

Internet dating is the only efficient way to check out many possibilities before getting into a personal contact mode. Most men I met online were interested in women in their age range.

One important issue I would like to mention is open-mindedness. The person you loved cannot be brought back. The more open you are to the idea of a totally different but still good, intelligent, moral, loving person, the more possibilities there will be.

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I learned a lot, about both myself and the opposite sex, as well as about relationships, desire and delusion. I took a few years off my age — others, however, tell outright lies about who they are and what they want. It is so easy to pretend online. Some people post woefully out-of-date pictures of themselves, from before they got fat or bald or dentally challenged.

In the worse case scenario, a purportedly single man will turn out to have a hapless other half. So take nothing at face value; reserve judgement until you actually meet your date in person. Look out for scammers on dating sites Be on your guard against scams. Just remember, no one ever got ripped off by being suspicious. Find out how to avoid dating scams Be in control when meeting a match Get a firm grip on your emotions.

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Build a protective wall around your emotions or you will be hurt again and again, even by essentially well-meaning people who are just so dazzled by the smorgasbord of dating candidates on offer they are rendered incapable of committing to anyone or even sticking to an arrangement.

Be safe with new sexual partners Practise safe sex. We had the Pill to free us when we were young, and HRT keeps us on good form now we are older. But the current rise in STIs sexually transmitted infections is greatest among the older generations. But there is no greater dampener on bedroom frolics than a dose of chlamydia or some other equally unappealing STI. Those in search of a committed, long-term relationship might perhaps find that online.

But in my view you are more likely to succeed if your aim is simply to have a nice time with people whose company you enjoy, and see what develops.

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There are thousands to choose from and it can be confusing. Men are invited to fill out a form, and Jan and Hannah sort through the applicants together, contacting whoever Jan is interested in.

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And while she d never declared that she was lonely or wanted to find someone, Hannah sensed she d like to be in a relationship. With Tinder, you can glean a bit from their information and you meet them somewhere like a busy bar, so it s not too awkward or spooky.

They broke the ice by talking about their memorable Tinder dates. So she jumped online to broaden her prospects. She mainly used FindSomeone, and had some serious relationships, including one man with whom she had a child. But the novelty wore off, and she began to feel like she wasn t going to find The One on there.