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Strange Beautiful Music
(release date jun 25, 2002)

Strange Beautiful Music Cover Strange Beautiful Music Back Cover

We are offering a few tracks in their entirety to all of Joe's online fans here. The first track, the ballad "Starry Night", is the first single and hits radio on Jun 10, a day after it was made available here. The second track, the heavey rock tune "Mind Storm", will be available here on June 24th (the day before the album's release). Call your local radio station and request they play Strange Beautiful Music-- you can make a difference!

"Starry Night" - Stream the Full Song
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track listing

Strange Beautiful Music
1) Oriental Melody MP3 WMA RM QT
2) Belly Dancer MP3 WMA RM QT
3) Starry Night MP3 WMA RM QT
4) Chords of Life MP3 WMA RM QT
5) Mind Storm MP3 WMA RM QT
6) Sleep Walk MP3 WMA RM QT
7) New Last Jam MP3 WMA RM QT
8) Mountain Song MP3 WMA RM QT
9) What Breaks A Heart MP3 WMA RM QT
10) Seven String MP3 WMA RM QT
11) Hill Groove MP3 WMA RM QT
12) The Journey MP3 WMA RM QT
13) The Traveler MP3 WMA RM QT
14) You Saved My Life MP3 WMA RM QT
15) The Eight Steps MP3 WMA RM QT
16) Slick MP3 WMA RM QT

Note: Track 15 (The Eight Steps) is a Japanese bonus track and Track 16 (Slick) is a bonus track that hasn't been placed anywhere yet.

Joe Satriani - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Keyboard
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Jeff Campitelli - Drums
Eric Caudieux - Keyboards and Computer Stuff
John Cuniberti - Percussion

Produced by Joe Satriani
Co-produced by John Cuniberti & Eric Caudieux
Recorded and engineered by John Cuniberti at The Plant, Sausalito, CA
Additional Recording by Joe Satriani and Studio21
Digital Editing by Eric Caudieux
Second Engineer and Digital Editing: Justin Phelps
Mixed by John Cuniberti and Joe Satriani at The Plant
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Tech Crew: Mike Manning, Michael Sandoval

Special Guest Musicians:
Robert Fripp: Electric Guitar
Gregg Bissonette: Drums
Pia Vai: Harp

Art Direction and Design: Rex Ray
Photography: Jay Blakesberg
Additional Photography: Eric Caudieux
Direction: Mick Brigden / BGManagement