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Joe Satriani - Engines of Creation

Engines Of Creation Cover Engines Of Creation Back Cover
(release date mar 14, 2000)

Exclusive MP3 downloads:

We are offering a few tracks in their entirety to all of Joe's online fans here. The first track, "Until We Say Goodbye", is the first single, hit radio on Feb 22, a week after it was made available here. The second track, "Borg Sex" is a glimpse at the groundbreaking electronic landscape showcased on Engines Of Creation. Call your local radio station and request they play it-- you can make a difference!

track MP3 Downloads available Stream
Until We Say Goodbye 24k 96k 128k 192k RealAudio
Borg Sex 24k 96k 128k 192k RealAudio

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track listing

Engines of Creation
1) Devil's Slide MP3 WMA RM QT
2) Flavor Crystal 7 MP3 WMA RM QT
3) Borg Sex MP3 WMA RM QT
4) Until We Say Goodbye MP3 WMA RM QT
5) Attack MP3 WMA RM QT
6) Champagne MP3 WMA RM QT
7) Clouds Race Across The Sky MP3 WMA RM QT
8) The Power Cosmic 2000-Part I MP3 WMA RM QT
9) The Power Cosmic 2000-Part II MP3 WMA RM QT
10) Slow and Easy MP3 WMA RM QT
11) Engines of Creation MP3 WMA RM QT

Bonus CD Info: Some stores carried bonus CDs (entitled "Additional Creations"), either packaged with the new CD or separate behind the counter, which were free upon purchase of Engines Of Creation. They are not released in any other standard form. For more information, see the Additional Creations page.