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Music Toyz.com: We are ready to begin.

Music Toyz.com: Welcome to tonight's chat with Joe Satriani.

Joe Satriani: welcome to all!

Music Toyz.com: Joe does not need much introduction.

Music Toyz.com: Joe played piano and drums while growing up, but became fascinated with the guitar after listening to Jimi Hendrix, whose death inspired him to devote himself to music.

Music Toyz.com: Before launching onto the San Francisco music scene in 1984, Joe took on a few pupils to make ends meet, some guys by the names of Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet and Larry LaLonde, all now acclaimed guitarists in their own right.

Music Toyz.com: Welcome Joe!

Joe Satriani: i'm here and ready...

scott: Joe how old were you when you considered yourself to be good ?

Joe Satriani: i'm still working on that

liquidguitar: Hi joe, Great new album. I was wondering if you have had time to start the new album yet and if so could you give us an idea of what we can expect and when it will be out.

Joe Satriani: no idea yet, but a live dvd will be coming around June

walden: can you ask Joe if he uses the same pickups in ALL his guitars?

Joe Satriani: pretty much di marzio pickups

zeus: Where's your favorite place to play? Venue, not country?

Joe Satriani: mexico city rocks ...paris...london...s.f....n.y.

Joe Satriani: everywhere is cool

mad7man: joe do you actually use two paf pro's in your live? one being inverted?

Joe Satriani: paf pro in the neck, fred in the bridge

liquidguitar: Joe you mentioned a classical album before. I would love to see you put out a classical type cd. Any hope that you will do that soon. thanx.

Joe Satriani: that's a maybe on the classical thing...

jimbojim: What mood were you when you wrote Love Thing?

Joe Satriani: i was thinking about how much i love rubina, my wife

Billkwando :Do you use any JSth chromeboys? Is there a significant difference in sound between them and the JS2 basswood ones?

Joe Satriani: i prefer the chromed Japanese basswood ones

Bass Man: Can you fill us in on any G3 Info

Joe Satriani: stands for 3 guitarists together in concert. no g3's coming up

Andrew:Joe, was the EOC album the first time you played with Eric Ceaudeaux? (sp?)

Joe Satriani: that's caudieux-- we worked together on g3 live and crystal planet.

steven4578: what kind of exercises do you do with your hands to be able to play so fast?

Joe Satriani: slow ones. slow and easy to start...then build up to speed, but just easy stuff

james: I discovered the Crystal Method by your recommendation. What other good musicians do you recommend listening to?

Joe Satriani: boom boom satelites. tricky. massive attack


Joe Satriani: not in ny anytime soon, sorry

Joe Satriani: 2001 will be a year of writing and re ordering

Ibanez Dan: Joe, what kind of settings do you use on your Boss DS-1 pedal?

Joe Satriani: 9 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 2 o'clock

FoD: Joe, is the Live DVD a definite thing? If so, are you going to use footage from the EOC tour for the Live DVD?

Joe Satriani: yes, dvd of this tour with the four piece band live at the filmore s.f. dec.29th

edwoodca: Hi Joe, has Z.Z. shown any leanings toward guitar or other instruments?

Joe Satriani: zz plays piano and drums and is starting on guitar, he likes green day and the beastie boys

Bubbles: I'd love to get my "ears" on some old "Four Squares" stuff....any suggestions on how to go about getting some of the music?

Joe Satriani: the squares music would be cool to release some day... the mixes need a little work though

rachael: Joe...exactly what effects do you use?? I have a pretty good selection now, but I still can't get your tone!

Joe Satriani: tone is in the fingers, effects just do the coloring

tapping dan: Joe I'm young and exploring the guitar, you are living my dream----please tell me how you do the wawawawawawaaa in attack

Joe Satriani: try some fultone effects

Joe Satriani: that's using a moog envelop filter pedal

Maxkid:Pre amp preference?

Joe Satriani: i like the palmer speaker simulator

james: What does Trundrumbalind mean?

Joe Satriani: it means whatever you want it to

Joe Satriani: just a sound

Kremlin2: what kind of tubes do you use?

Joe Satriani: groove tubes are the best

Andrew: Joe, you use Marshall amps....do you like the Vai Legacy's or have you not played them yet?

Joe Satriani: they sound very good

Gearfreak: What Fultone effects do you use ?

Joe Satriani: fultone ultimate octave

CrunchRiff: Joe, what's your Opinion of the Peavey Classic 100 Head?

Joe Satriani: i like that peavey series, i've got a combo that rocks

pedalhead: Joe when you where in Japan in the Early 80s. Besides Woodshedding what spiritual activity did you find???

Joe Satriani: it was the late seventies, I'm from N.Y. , I've got my own spirituality

GUTTERbOY: Joe: Any news on the stolen guitars?

james: Did your guitars get stolen at a concert or from your tour bus?

Joe Satriani: guitars were stolen from our space in San Rafael, no word yet. you can check satriani.com to see a jpeg of the two stolen guitars

Gearfreak: Do you use the Ulitimate Octave for rhythm and leads with the octave on or just the fuzz ? I think that it's the smoothest fuzz i've heard.

Joe Satriani: ultimate octave for the leads

YaYoGakk: What is your opinion of the 5150 ll ?

Joe Satriani: yayo, I didn't know there was a new one, I like the old one

tapping dan: Do you play with your hands or a pick-one finger?--what kind of pick?

Joe Satriani: i use heavy picks made by d'addario...most of the time.

Ibanez Dan: Can you tell us your songwriting process.

Joe Satriani: i try to write everyday, it drives me crazy! I like strong melodies and good grooves with interesting harmony

Andrew: Joe, what was the first guitar you've owned?

Joe Satriani: hagstrom3. it was a white hagstrom with three pickups

lpframe: What do you think of Eric Johnson's new album? ever thought about recording together that would be amazing?

Joe Satriani: Eric is great...

Omegalpha: What do you think is your greatest strength, not only as a musician, but as a human being?

Joe Satriani: they say the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body...so...

Joe Satriani: no really, i don't know...

Rick: Joe can you play the song "Time Machine" when you come to L.A.

Joe Satriani: i was just thinking about that song, ok!

Kremlin2: Are there any plans to release a tab book of EOC with the naked vamps tracks? Lots of us want to play some of that stuff but we don't have the equipment to reproduce those sounds

Joe Satriani: i thought cherry lane was doing that

strange: hey joe will you come back to Mexico soon?

Joe Satriani: in a year or so...

JS Fan 1: joe is your next album going to be like EOC or are u going to do an album like Crystal planet with jeff, stu and eric?

Joe Satriani: i really don't know what I'm going to do yet...

hamm: Joe, do you have perfect pitch?

Joe Satriani: no, I was taught relative pitch in high school by bill westcot

Evbro: What's the story behind "The Phone Call"... based on true life experience?

Joe Satriani: just a goof ... sang it through an actual phone though

edwoodca: Joe, any special guests for your shows in L.A.??? Like Steve Lukather & Steve Vai at the Wiltern???

Joe Satriani: maybe so...

Satcher: Would an album with Vai ever be on the cards?

Joe Satriani: yeah, i'm sure we'll get around to that

JSExtremist: When you came to Norfolk, VA you were unable to play... when will you be back??

Joe Satriani: not for a while, wait for the next tour I guess

Ken H.: Are you using the JS2000 model clear guitar at all? I was disappointed that it was priced WAY out of my price range!

Joe Satriani: it's a bit heavy on the shoulders too

Ga6o: How can you describe Vais work Satch?

Joe Satriani: Steve always sounds like Steve to me, we've known each other so long it's hard to be objective. but he's amazing!

Satcher: What inspires you to pick up the guitar every day?

Joe Satriani: the wonder of life....

JSExtremist: What do you think about the Electro Harmonix Micro Synth? Have you used it?

Joe Satriani: I like the e.h. line of effects

neboysh@: Joe is there any chance that you play in Yugoslavia next year??

Joe Satriani: no, sorry, not touring

JS Fan 1: Joe is there any thing that you would want to change about yourself ??

Joe Satriani: no

rachael: Joe...apart from Hendrix, who's your biggest influence???

Joe Satriani: page, beck, clapton, bbking, m. waters,...

Ibanez Dan: What is your opinion on the new age of guitar playing, with bands focusing less and less on lead playing?

Joe Satriani: whatever works for the music is cool with me

Maxkid: String Gauges/down-tunings?

Joe Satriani: .009-.042, standard tuning

jimbojim: where does your nick "Satch" came from?

Joe Satriani: short for Satriani

Lallabru: Joe, in which direction you see rock guitar playing evolving in the next few years?

Joe Satriani: i wish i knew but then again , it's fun to just let it do its own thing and be surprised

Billkwando: Joe which albums did you use that white single single humbucker 540 on? The one from the Satch Boogie video and the cover of NOTE ?

Joe Satriani: I never used it, it was just a promo shot that got too much press

CrunchRiff: Do you think Techno will ever be as big in the States as it is in Europe?

Joe Satriani: no

CyberAlien:Hey Joe... What do ya want for Christmas? :^)

Joe Satriani: i want it all!!! ps2 would be cool ...and some ps2 games

steveB: have you ever jammed with Steve Morse?

Joe Satriani: steve morse? yes ...he's great...

RMeals: Didn't you use a Kramer before the Ibanezs?

Joe Satriani: i had a kramer pacer....

rg7421: do you like seven string guitars or plan to use them?

Joe Satriani: I have a universe 7 string but i'm still trying to come up with some new stuff on it

CrunchRiff:Do the Chromeboys and JS2000's have the same features as the JS1000?

Joe Satriani: yes, i think so...

robgFROMSatch.com: Mr. Satriani, I'm in a slump, have you ever been burned out on writing music or stuck, and what you do to motivate yourself again?

Andy:Are you a Beer lover?

Joe Satriani: i like all manner of drink. for beer, pilsner urquel please.. urqell?

shadow: are you into any spiritual boosts before a performance???

Joe Satriani: i say a prayer for the audience

FoD: Joe which bands do you enjoy listening to these days?

Joe Satriani: deftones, and the old stuff

tapping dan: Mr. Satriani please tell my your great advice on what guitar i should bye. It will be my second guitar.

Joe Satriani: dan, try an ibanez js model of course

DaxP: Joe have you gotten to play with BB King?

Joe Satriani: not yet

rachael: How come the JS models don't have jumbo pickups????

Joe Satriani: what's a jumbo pickup???

glano: any tips on setting up my JS1 ? any east coast tuners?

Joe Satriani: cliff cultrerri is a master luthier who can help you set up your guitars

satch3d: Joe, don't you use the Edge tremolo instead of the lo pro on the JS1000's? why is that?

Joe Satriani: I still like the edge for some reason

dabb: Joe, will you be playing the same EOC setlist at HOB on 26t/27h, or something new?

Joe Satriani: new stuff will be part of the set

shadow: If you weren't a musician what other career would you choose?

Joe Satriani: snowboard bum

Joe Satriani: by the way cliff cultrerri lives on Long Island...

Bass Man: Joe, I herd a rumor about you making a ocastra album like Metallica did with S&M, is this true?

Joe Satriani: no classical CD yet

rg7421: what is the difference between the lo pro edge and lo trs II trembolo?

Joe Satriani: i don't know

Ga6o: Do u like JAZZ!!!?

Joe Satriani: yes

The Dude!: Joe what's your opinion of john Petrucci and Bucket head?

Joe Satriani: both great players, i know john , he's a cool guy...don't know b.h. though

Rick Nelson: what is your favorite vintage guitar or effect?

Joe Satriani: old amps , strats, teles, v's, it's all cool

Joe Satriani: check out cultrerri's house of pain for some good vintage stuff

james: What's your favorite place to snowboard?

Joe Satriani: alpine valley, in Tahoe

Billkwando: Did you give that marker decorated guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe or did you loan it? Where is it?

Joe Satriani: I gave it to them

CrunchRiff: Have you ever played a McNaught guitar?

Joe Satriani: no


Joe Satriani: boss ds1

hhh: Joe how do you preserve the finish on your chromeboy

Joe Satriani: i can't...

omegalpha1999: Have you ever played a Godin guitar ?

Joe Satriani: no

steveB: Would you ever do an acoustic CD?

Joe Satriani: I'd like to someday

cleffus: Satch, ever have any tunes in a movie?

Joe Satriani: yes, problem child, say anything, mario brothers...

satch3d: Joe, any chances of another live album?

Joe Satriani: yes , this dec we are filming /recording for a live dvd at the filmore

JSExtremist: Did you ever give a name to your Kramer Pacer guitar?

Joe Satriani: we glued a photo of michael richards character kramer on the headstock

satch3d: Would you say improvisation is a good way of composition? or do you prefer to lay it all out on paper?

Joe Satriani: improvise!

Billkwando: How did you get that sharp cutting distortion on songs like NOTE and the SNAKE? =)

Joe Satriani: close micing, turn up the treble

Andrew: What do you think about Paul Gilbert's alternate picking?

Cart: Do you ever use a drum machine for practice or creating?

Joe Satriani: yes all the time

jimbojim: why did you cut your hairs off!!!????

Joe Satriani: i knew that was coming!...

rachael: Joe...you always seem so modest in interviews! How come you didn't get big-headed???

Joe Satriani: I use tape to stop the swelling

neboysh@: Do you plan to record a pure JAZZ album ??

Joe Satriani: not soon

Joe Satriani: cultrerri can play a mean jazz guitar

Ibanez Dan: What is your opinion of Yngwie Malmsteen?

Joe Satriani: can't hold a candle to cliff

rg7421:which is your favorite guitar scale?

Joe Satriani: tonight I like E lydian... but about that cultrerri guy, he shreds the shredders!!!

Music Toyz.com: Thanks again, Joe for chatting with us.

Joe Satriani: it has been my pleasure, thanks to all!

Music Toyz.com: Please be sure to visit Joe's web site at www.satriani.com

Music Toyz.com: Thanks for coming everyone. Join us here every Tuesday night for Happy Hour //beer at 9:30PM EST.

Joe Satriani: thanks everyone for making this work