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There are a number of areas in the old site which, although they are outdated, still are interesting to fans. This is the section where those items are available. Links to Satch-related resources on other sites are also often posted here since we don't have control over how long they remain available.

Super Colossal Podcast

Joe Satriani Live @ NAMM 2006

Joe MP3 interview with Jay and The Doctor on TripleJ Radio (Australia) - "The doctor trades licks with guitar legend Joe Satriani." From Mar 18 '05.

Joe interview with the BBC - "Pioneering guitar player, Joe Satriani, speaks to Rahul Shrivastava about his current tour, life as a music teacher, where his inspiration comes from, and what it was like to join a full-time rock band..."

Joe on Alice Cooper's Radio Show - a funny little clip from "Nights with Alice Cooper" from the Is There Love In Space? era.

Joe interview w/ Musician's Friend - multi-part in-depth interview with Joe about a variety of topics including the new amp and practicing techniques.

Joe Video Interview in Athens - a Windows Media streaming interview with Joe from Athens on the Strange Beautiful Tour.

Joe Interview w/ Metal-Rules.com - very brief interview with Joe during the 2002 Strange Beautiful Tour with Dream Theater and King's X.

Joe on TechTV - This is a link to the TechTV Screen Savers program that Joe visited May 21, 2002. TechTV provides a Windows Media stream of his segment where he talks about his use of computers and the Internet.

FAQ - A nice idea at the time, but the number of questions was simply too overwhelming for Joe to be able to get through. This isn't likely to be added to, but is a decent source of some information.

MusicToyz Chat Transcript - A transcript for a chat with Joe from 2000.

1998 Interview - A transcript of a 1998 interview with Mike Blackburn.

Press Clippings - A list of press clippings. This may come back and migrate into Joe's section in the Band/Crew area of the new site.

Crystal Planet EPK - A link to the electronic press kit made in support of the Crystal Planet album. A pretty cool feature presented in RealVideo for as long as Epic/Sony keep it around.

Guitar Geek's Gear Overview - From 2000.

Guitar Gallery - A very old guitar gallery. Many of these guitars Joe doesn't own, and a lot of new guitars are not listed.

Guitar Shop - A very old page with some details of Crystal Planet era setup for Joe's guitar Chrome Boy by Gary Brawer.

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