show review
Basspedals Tue Dec 14 '10
Best Buy Theater
New York, NY, US
Rank: Posted: Thu Dec 16, '10 9:10 am

This was my first satch show and I have to say thatii had the time of my life. You floored me and my friends with your guitar skills. I have never seen or heard anything so awesome in my life. I don't know who does your sound but it was fantastic. seriously nothing could have prepared me for how great this show was. I have seen the DVDs and heard the live recordings ( all fabulous btw) but this has has to be experienced in the flesh. The new stuff is just as good as the old stuff and blended together very well in the set.

If you are a Satriani fan and have never seen him live I'm telling you now once you go to a show you will kick yourself for not going sooner !

I know your going to get lost with Chikenfoot again for a while when this tour ends but please please keep writing for another album and tour.

Also keep Alan Whitman around if possible his bass playing was great and I loved the Basspedals !

Thanks Again Joe !