show review
grasshopper1984 Sat Aug 29 '09
House Of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Mon Aug 31, '09 4:51 pm
I have seen Joe play five times now. I really like what he did with Chickenfoot. He is truely one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Chickenfoot's material is not as good as his solo material, however. (Sammy's lyrics are sort of shallow). Sammy was sort of picking on Joe, saying, "why don't you sing a song Joe". Joe replied by playing some blues licks. I thought that was clever. (Joe's music talks to me more than any song with lyrics could.) Anyone can sing, but nobody plays like Joe. The band did a lot of "talking" between songs over the mics, which was a lot like being in the studio with the band. It was more words than all of the other shows combined. I don't think that those guys truely appreciate being on stage with Joe as much as they could. They don't hold a candle to Joe's talent. After the show, I went to my car to get my guitar case for signatures. I went out back to line up with the other fans. Joe has already signed it, but I wanted him to write "chickenfoot" or the chickenfoot/ peace sign logo on it. He just passed me by. I was disappointed. Then Michael Anthony came out. When I held out my paint-pen for him to sign my case, he grabbed the pen and threw it on the ground! Why? Is there a good reason for being such a TOOL!!! I never really cared for him anyway. I always thought that he was the LOSER of Van Halen!!! He is like an end table which one might place a lamp or brickerbrack crap upon. He is furniture and an arrogant ass!!! I would have liked to have seen Flea on stage. He has the talent to stand next to Joe. Michael should thank his lucky stars that he still has a job. If it were up to me, he wouldn't. Someone needs to hold that dude down and give him a proper haircut. That hairdo is a JOKE!