show review
Ron44 Tue Aug 11 '09
Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, MO, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Wed Aug 12, '09 10:06 am
What a show! Joe, Sammy, Michael, and Chad were fantastic. I have read numerous reviews of the tour so far and they were not kidding when they all said how tight the band is. They are having a great time doing this project and tour - it is so obvious. I even caught Sammy talking to Micahael and telling him "I love this shit" during a couple of songs! The fans are tremendous and its great to see the whole audience on their feet supporting "The Foot"! Took a buddy who had never seen a show that up close (on the barricade). He got his Chickenhead hat signed by Sammy from the stage, We both caught Joe picks and Sammy picks. I was able to get a stick from Chad as well. What a drummer. He seems to be having much more fun with this band than The Peppers. I have never seen a drummer throw out so many sticks at a single show! The stick I got is beat to shit and power playing clearly shows how it happens! Rock On Chickenfoot and see you in Texas next month! Ron 44