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xchipx Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu Apr 13, '06 11:57 am

great show Joe. It's my 4-5 time seeing you.. My only negative is nothing was played off of the SBM, Outer Space releases, or Crystal Planet.. the set list on the last tour was smoking hot with Lords of Karma (my all time fav. satch song). I would have rather heard those songs rather than ones I've already seen played 4-5 times. However Flying on this tour was the best version I've seen and heard..

Eric's set was right on.. I'm kicking myself that I skipped going to see him on his last tour. I'm an equal fan to both Joe and Eric and I hope this isn't the last time they tour together.

thanks again and I guess another G3 is next?


(Paulo Reis)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Apr 11, '06 8:18 pm

I've been listening to Joe's music for almost 10 years, but yesterday was the first time that I had the chance to see THE MAN, as Yngwie said, performing live. I don't need to say anything about the show: everyone that got a ticket knows that it was worth it. I just wanted to comment that, for me, it was the realization of an old dream (#11, actually) of mine. My friends back in Brazil must be green with envy right now (I just sent them some of the pictures that I took last night, hahaha!).

Thanks a lot Joe! You're not only one of the best eletric guitar players of all times, but also a true musician.

See you later in another show, ok?

robss Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Apr 11, '06 12:26 pm

As usual Joe Blows us all away I agree with the others that some songs were predictable but even then Joe will through a little different lick or nuance in the song to keep us thinking.

As I watched in AWE as i always do I noticed quite a few kids in the crowd just as spaced out as me watching the master. good to see their parents are teaching them what a good guitarist is.

It amazes me how his music takes the crowd on a ride.

See ya next time Joe

cyberdman Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue Apr 11, '06 11:02 am

Joe was incredible as always. I loved the new CD and the performance of those new tracks was very good to see. It was even better to see that he is dedicated to the new material and supporting the new CD by playing a majority of it's tracks. I have been a die hard Joe fan since the 80's and I have been to see every one of his shows when he has ever stopped by in the Metro Detroit region.

Now I gave the overall show a 9 because I share some of the sentiments as another member, BastrdDrmr. It was great hearing the new material, but Joe has a lot of great music in between The Extremist and Super Colossal. There were no tracks played from Crystal Planet, Engines, The later self-titled Joe Satriani CD and Is the Love in Space? What gives? I was dying to hear some tracks from those CDs, the Surfing with the Alien CD has been played to death and become somewhat predicable, as has been noted.

Other than that - Joe you just rock, are the greatest performer and never cease to amaze and delight me with your skills and beautiful music.

As far as Eric Johnson goes ... The sound on his rig was a little off. Also he's a great player, but as an opener I feel he played much too long. While I enjoyed some of his performance I kept saying to myself - Is he done yet? - and then he went on that 15 minute tangent trying to solo and build up to Cliffs of Dover when it was so painfully obvious what song was coming. I kept thinking get on with it already. I can't believe he didn't play 'Righteous' either.

Thanks again for a great time Joe, please come back to our town.

(Rick Crooker)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Apr 11, '06 9:18 am
Another excellent show (as always). I enjoyed the selection of songs from the new cd. I was hoping to hear "Movin On" (it's one of the songs that we have added to our bands song list). Very cool tune. I am very glad that Joe keeps Detroit as part of his tour schedule. He has a lot of fans here. It was really cool to see Jeff Campitelli walking around ouside before the show with his camera taking pictures of Detroit (Commerica Park and such). This show has now replaced my previous "best show" when Joe played St. Andrew's a while back with Chris Duarte. Thanks for the music and keeping a smile on my face throughout the entire show.

(Pete Ostoic)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Apr 11, '06 7:52 am
The mix,the tone, the feel,was the better than any concert I've been to yet! Eric needed some work on his mix.

BastrdDrmr Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 3:37 pm
This was my 5th time seeing Satch, and I enjoyed the show very much but I think the setlist was a bit too predictable. The sound was great, but I would have preferred if Satch had thrown in a couple more oddballs from the past. For 19 songs, it seems like that would not have been too difficult to squeeze in. It seemed weird to skip over the entire Crystal Planet - Is There Love In Space era also. Circles (which I had never seen live except for on the DVD), Redshift Riders, and Made of Tears totally rocked though!

(Joe Greear)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 3:24 pm
Awesome Show!!! I won't talk about the problems that Eric had with his equipment. He was great I especially enjoyed the extra long version of Cliffs Of Dover. On to Joe...he was incredible as usual. Great song selection great light show great band, an over the top performance (in my opinion). I could tell that Joe himself was having a good time. At one point at the end of a tune he was holding a note for what seemed like an eternity he looked up at the crowd and he just started smiling while still holding the note. Well, thats all for me. Hope to see Joe and the boys soon, (maybe a G3 in the fall) Let's hope!!!!

(Aron Ortega)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 9:33 am


yeah, sure, everybody knows it, but it was just "not of this earth", lol!!! On my first concert in America, Joe totally rocked the house and completely blew my mind!!! My wife is from here, and she was surprised that the thing was 3 hours long!!! She said:"money well spent!" and I was like: "I know!!!!" Yeah, man... This time I couldn't afford it but next time I'll buy those plat tix for sure!!!

Eric Johnson was really great, I bought his last CD "Bloom" a few months ago and I was happy to see him perform both old and new songs, as well as Hendrix's tributes... I wanted to hear "Zap" but it's ok... No problem with that...
Speaking of problems, Eric kinda had some on stage... Poor guy, you could tell he was not happy... A few misunderstandings with the mics and stuff, nothing really big but things kept happening to him!!! He would play "Good to Me", and for that song he needs an harmonizer on his vocals, but not for the next one... But when he started singing the next song the thing would be still on and you could see Eric's face when this sort of thing just kept happening... But the guy is a pro, he didn't make a big deal out of it, and he had fun and so did we...
For a minute I kinda feel relieved, cuz' when stuff like that happens to you, you think it is just because you're an amateur and you just can't afford better sound, lol... Even guitar gods like Eric are exposed to these weird stage things... It was a good lesson on how not to lose concentration...

...And then SATCH got on stage... Starting with Flying in a Blue Dream was just great... the song selection was perfect... Almost every favorite song was there... Of course, JOE has to pick 16 out of a 150 songs to play on every tour so, let's give him a break... he can't play everything...
Galen was good on the 2nd guitar, very precise... Dave LaRue was great, with his own approach and everything... Jeff's drums sounded so fat and bright the gave the show a different vibe... On some times, the bass drum was so loud it would overdub Dave's lines a little too much... For my taste, the bass could have been just a little louder, but that's just me... The sound was good, incredibly loud but clear, so that's good, lol...
On the highlights of the night I would say I loved the new ending of "Always with Me, Always with You"... of course, if you are going to play "Surfing with the Alien" next, you can't end "Always..." slowly, you have to give it a little more 'kick'... and it was perfect, just great... a B mixolidian melody I think with a I-IV-V progression with power chords... Really, really good... those hammer on- pull off licks on an open B string a la "Raspberry Jam..." were amazing, kinda resembling the solo a little... It was just genius...
"Crowd Chant" was really cool, although I think most people attending haven't bought the new CD yet, lol... People of Michigan, simmer that up!!! Come on!!! lmao...

Anyway, I could go on and on, but i won't... Anybody who read this much deserves a medal, lol...

if i ever go pro, it'll be because of you, man...

the cosmic ape

sms Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 9:03 am


What an amazing night. Seeing Joe and Eric on the same night was just incredible. Joe and his band where on fire! The mixture of old songs with new was perfect. The seats where close, the sound was great, and having my Dad there along side (this is our 5th Satch concert together) made it a night I'll never forget. Having Joe at the State Theater is perfect place and size. Can't wait to he comes back to Detroit.

Thanks so much Joe for an amazing experience. See ya in Orlando!

(Jeremy Kapla)
Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 6:16 am

WOW!!! This was the best Satriani show I have ever seen (been to 3 of them)!! In fact, this one is probably right at the top of my favorite concert list!! Maybe it was the fact that I was sitting in row #2, center stage, and Joe was about 5 feet in front of my face the whole time, but this show was AMAZING!!! I remember when he sarted playing Ten Words, and it seemed like the crowd was completely quiet during the whole thing, kinda like Joe had them in a trance with his music. Of course, on Crowd Chant, the crowd was completely the opposite, and it seemed like everyone in the house participated (of course, being 5 feet from Joe, I didnt really care what the rest of the crowd was doing!!) And not that Joe ever manages to play badly, but he was DEAD ON, and the band was about as tight as a band could get! Dave Larue was definitely the right choice for the new bass player, and of course Jeff was having a ball on the skins! Eric put on a great show too, though I wasnt familiar with a lot of his music.

Great seats, great theater, great city, great band, great music, and of course the GREATEST.... JOE!!!

Keep the albums coming, and I will be there for sure the next time your are in D-Town!!

fussen_kuh Sun Apr 09 '06
State Theater
Detroit, MI, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 4:54 am


This was my 4th time seeing Joe and Friends and all I can say is wow. By far this has been the best Joe show that I've had the joy of being at. I've been to several rock shows at the State Theater and, in my experience, the audio has always been hit and miss. I'm happy to say that, for the most part, the audio was excellent :) The only noticeable exceptions were what sounded like a very brief ( < 1 second) cut-out of Joe's guitar during one of his songs (I forget which one) and Eric's mic, on a few of his songs, sounded a bit muffled.

Other than those small things, the rest of the show was great! Eric played a great set. It was my 1st time seeing him live. Highlights for me included finally hearing S.R.V. and Cliffs of Dover live. The ~5 minute intro to Cliffs was just spectacular. A minuscule 20 minutes after Eric's set was over, Joe took the stage to a chorus of cheers. I could go on for quite a while about how great Joe and the band sounded, but anyone on this site probably already knows how great Joe's live shows are. At the end of the ~2 hour set, I'd say that the majority of the new album had been played along with some old classics. I wish I could remember the set list.

As much as I loved hearing the new stuff ("One Robot's Dream" is a real stand out), I'd have to say that my favorite song of the night had to be "Always With Me, Always With You." Joe played a great rendition that just didn't want to end. The closer, "Summer Song," was also spectacular and was a great way to end the night.

Thank you Joe and Friends for an unforgettable night.

Come back to Detroit soon!