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Nickname: Sam_at2001 (member info) Location: Olton, Solihull (West Midlands)

Hi, my name is Sam Johnson and I am a 19 year old guitarist. After having played classical guitar for 8 years, it was Joes music that persuaded me to switch to the electric and I haven't turned back since. Joe also introduced me to the other guitar 'heros' of the world, such as Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci and many more...I have always admired Joe, not only as a guitarist but as a Musician as a whole. While I haven't been a Satch fan for as long as other people, I feel that I fully appreciate his music and while I don't think one Satch fan is more worthy than another, I definatley think that I am a suitable candidate for this contest :)

Studying music performance, it's not suprising how often Joe Satriani's name comes up for various reasons...I have even learnt some new things about him. I can definatley appreciate his musical influence on the music world, not just the guitar world.

Submitted 2005-03-11 05:09:41

Question 1:

Joe - Surfing with the Alien is seen as a milestone instrumental album of the past 20 years - it certainly put your name on the map. In your opinion, without including the anthology, which of your albums do you think best portrays you not only as a guitarist, but as a musician?
Question 2:

You have many famous students - perhaps most noticable Steve Vai and Kirk Hammet. When you look at their music, and their careers in the industry, how does it feel when you can see your influence in their playing and their music?
Question 3:

The G3 phenominom has become somewhat of a cult thing amongsts guitarists. So many fans have been introduced to other guitarists like Vai, Johnson, Petrucci, Malmsteen just to name a few. While this is awesome for the fans, it must be awesome for you on stage too - how does it feel sharing the stage with other guitar greats on the stage, knowing that it if weren't for you, it wouldn't be happening?
Question 4:

You have said in many interviews that Jimi Hendrix was your biggest influence. Knowing how much you admired Hendrix, how does it feel knowing that for thousands of people, meeting you would be just like you meeting Hendrix?
Question 5:

The Joe Satriani website is a whole comunity in itself - a talk to Joe page where there are over a thousand posts every week, various interviews and even the chance to win aftershow passes. I think the whole community would want to thank you for playing such an active role in the website, but I was just wondering if you wanted to give any message to all the members?

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