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Nickname: alienwatcher (member info) Location: Lansing, MI
Hello! My name is Albert Tamayo and I'm a working musician from Lansing, MI. I really don't expect to win this, but I have to try as I'm actually going to be IN Los Angeles and Anaheim from April 1st through April 8th! I've never been to California before and it's pure coincidence that this contest is going on during that time, but I got very excited after it was announced! I've been a HUGE fan of Joe for many years now and love everything that he has put out to date. As a guitarist, Joe is the greatest influence on my playing and musical ear. I'm sure this is something many people will say, but it's true and deservedly so! To be honest, I will be truly happy for whomever wins this contest because I think Joe's fans are the most honest and loyal people one can ever meet... All because Joe is such a fantastic player and person!

Submitted 2005-03-08 13:20:50

Question 1:

How often do you get to practice now that I'm sure promotion and other business aspects take up much of your time?
Question 2:

Your new Peavey JSX sounds great even at low volumes! Is a cab to match it still in the works? Any other cool equipment/gear on the way?
Question 3:

How do you consistently evolve your playing to new heights? Once you've studied every method and mode (in Western music), have you found it to be more difficult to express yourself in music or more liberating?
Question 4:

Hendrix's style was obviously a huge step forward in guitar playing. Do you think drastic innovation can still be made on the guitar as it has changed very little over the past few decades?
Question 5:

When will we get to see an official Satriani/Vai collaboration?!

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