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Well, we're all huge Satriani fans, otherwise we wouldn't be on this site in the first place! So I'll skip the part where I tell you how much I love Joe's music, how I'm his biggest fan, how I've been listening to him since I was really little, and how I am inspired to play the guitar through his musical genius...and get right to what really matters.

If I am the incredibly lucky winner, I will travel to Anaheim, CA, with the intentions of giving the most respectful and genuine interview I possibly can. I'll ask the questions you want the answers to. I'll do my best to represent "Satch fans" in a way that portrays all of us as an intelligent and incredibly loyal mass of people who hope he never stops creating the music that inspires our lives.

I've read just about every interview with Joe written. I'll pick questions that haven't been asked before. I want to have a conversation with Joe that will intrigue his mind and get him to share just a little bit more with fans that just can't get enough!

Submitted 2005-03-01 23:22:26

Question 1:

You've had a pretty busy road schedule over the past few years. Do the live performances night after night wear you down? If so, what do you do for motivation to go out and put on a great show for your fans?
Question 2:

I've heard of Artist's record labels pushing musicians in directions that they feel the listening public wants to hear. Being with Sony, have they influenced or changed the way you write music or plan an album?
Question 3:

You've had a great relationship with Ibanez, and now a new signature series with Peavey. Are you interested in teaming up with, for instance, BOSS, to create your own signature effects board?
Question 4:

You get the question, "How do you do that ..." from so many people that dream of playing as well as you. Having taught in the past, have you ever considered a Joe Satriani instructional video, or, maybe an "All Joe Clinic?"
Question 5:

Being an incredible musician is more than just plucking strings. Tell us more about Joe Satriani, the man. We know you enjoy snowboarding...what else do you do to unwind those blazing fingers!?

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