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justjoan Sat Aug 22 '09
House of Blues
Atlantic City, NJ, US
Rank: Posted:
Thu Aug 27 '09
5:29 am
Joe....THANK YOU for the fantastic show and spending a bit of time with all of us afterwards! You are the best:-)

(Joe Axeshredder)
Sat Aug 22 '09
House of Blues
Atlantic City, NJ, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Mon Aug 24 '09
1:03 pm

Chickenfoot has refined their act as a non stop variety of music and personality! ..and reminding us of what Rock and Roll is all about! Thanks!

Chickenfoot Atlantic City, NJ 2009 ENDingWow

What a show! The band is tighter (musically) and looser (stage performance) than the NA Road Test Shows...ok thats not a contradiction! Every song by this band is a hit and seeing it live will blow you away. If you have the opportunity to see them. Dont Miss It! 3 shows down and i would see them again without hesitation. The fun these guys are having is in the music and show..you will be smiling from ear to ear...its just that awesome!!!!

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