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(Kristhian Mason)
Sun Jul 05 '09
Lignano Sbbiadoro
Udine, , IT
Rank: 10 Posted:
Fri Jul 10 '09
11:09 am

WOW! Really a great show, LOTS OF FUN! Thank you guys! Joe plays like GOD! Sammy, pure energy. Chad is a power of nature, thanks for playing even if you are not in perfect conditions. Michael Anthony amazing with the bass and the back vocals. A big thank to Michael Anthony for the beer (I hope you remember...) it was the best beer of my life! A fantastic band, I can't wait to see you guys again. Chickenfoot rules!

I have published some pictures of the show at http://gufastro.free.fr

(Alessio Di Leonardo)
Sun Jul 05 '09
Lignano Sbbiadoro
Udine, , IT
Rank: 8 Posted:
Mon Jul 06 '09
10:30 am
Excellent show. These Chickenfoot play really a beautiful music. I think this group is very amusing. Shame for the sound because the voice was too loud. Nice atmosphere and Joe is always the usual alien. I hope that Chad will soon recover his accident. Thank you Joe.

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