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T24EMS Thu Apr 12 '07
Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
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Sun Apr 15 '07
11:39 am
My first, and certainly not last, G3 concert! I first heard Joe back in 1988 with "The Crush of Love" coming out of the radio speakers and though, who is this??? Lo and behold, there I was listening to him, and John (missed Pauls performance, sorry!) a few days ago and was simply amazed! What showmen Joe and John were! Talk about people that really get into what they do for a living! It was very easy to tell that Joe LOVES to play, simply put. Not having been a guitar player, but being huge into music, I have nothing but the admost respect for those guys and cannot wait for them to come back to Western PA again! How about a surprise visit to just a little north of Pittsburgh for a gig?? :) Great show guys, still in awe 3 days after!

(Michael Kochik)
Thu Apr 12 '07
Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Fri Apr 13 '07
12:46 pm
This was my first G3 experience and I must say, I was amazed. Last year, I saw Satch for the very first time at the Palace and didn't really know too much of his music, therefore, I was unable to appreciate his showmanship and pure talent in guitar playing. Over the past year, I have listened to every Satch song to the point where every fan should- the point where they can just hear the entire song in their head. With this added knowledge, I was able to enjoy every aspect of Joe's setlist, from the playing to the lighting. Paul Gilbert absolutely amazed me with his awesome playing. However, I was kind of annoyed when his guitar died out on Twelve Twelve, but Bruce Bouillet did a great job of filling in for him while Paul and his crew fixed the problem. Overall, I thought that Paul was absolutely wonderful and I am so glad that I got to see him use the drill with Joe and John helping him out in the G3 jam. Petrucci was much louder than the other two, but didn't seem to have the sound quality that Joe and Paul had. Damage Control seemed a bit slower than on the Live In Tokyo G3 DVD. This was also the first time that I had heard any of his other solo music, and other than the song with the violin-type effect at the beginning, I felt that his song's were too similar. He is and always will be a great guitarist, but I didn't enjoy his set as much as the other two. I also felt kind of intimidated by the lack of facial expression, movement, and talking during his set, making it seem as if he thought he was better than all of the audience. But then at the end, he seemed to be a very kind and nice, but quiet individual. All in all, this was a great show and a great performance. I give the overall show an 8, but I ranked it a 10 for when Satch was playing. I tried to go into the theater thinking that the best was not Satch and eliminating all prejudgements, but I came out thinking that Satch was absolutely the best ever. Thanks for coming close to my hometown guys! I hope that there is another G3 lineup in the U.S. with Paul again.

Nuk Thu Apr 12 '07
Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 8 Posted:
Fri Apr 13 '07
10:27 am
the show was amazing. i saw joe with eric johnson last year and that show was great as well. this G3 was even better though. petrucci and gilbert killed it as well.. awesome show!

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