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(Akos Vamos-Hegyi)
Sun Jul 02 '06
Maria Lankowitz
Piberstein, , AT
Rank: 9 Posted:
Tue Jul 11 '06
4:07 am

We've travelled from Hungary to see our 4th Joe Satriani show, so it was a very long day for us - drove home right after the show. But it was worth it, definitely... The concert was a very special one, because there were only a few hundred people (maybe ~300???), so it must have been really strange for Joe & the band to play for this small crowd, after playing for 30.000 fans the previous night! Everybody could be really-really close to the stage, there were only a few rows all together. Joe was amazing as always, nothing else to say about it. Setlist was 1 song shorter as usual (you can guess which one was missing...).

I succeeded to take a couple of really good photos, if someone is interested in them, send an email to beluska76@freemail.hu.

Can hardly wait to see him again tonight in Budapest, JOE ROCKS!


PS: who was the idi*t who organized this "festival' in the middle of nowhere, far from everything? When I saw Joe in Vienna in 2002, it was a huge crowd & sold out show! Better atmosphere for concerts. Why not there? The 9 goes only because of this, and because they didn't play "Crowd chant" - wouldn't make any sense actually...

Joe Chip
(Claus Grasser)
Sun Jul 02 '06
Maria Lankowitz
Piberstein, , AT
Rank: 10 Posted:
Tue Jul 04 '06
8:17 am


it was my first JS Solo show (just G3 until 2006-07-02) and it was a wonderfull experience. sorry that the crowd wasn´t bigger and the weather wasn´t better - hope it will be better at the next JS concert at Austria!

THX for a great concert!!! :-)

greetz Claus

Sun Jul 02 '06
Maria Lankowitz
Piberstein, , AT
Rank: 10 Posted:
Mon Jul 03 '06
2:03 pm

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