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(Patrick Ashe)
Thu Mar 16 '06
Millano Music
Mesa, AZ, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Wed May 10 '06
2:46 am

Milano Music had quite a line outside, but i made the two hour or so wait to meet Satch. It was well worth it. He was completely cool, and very personable. He made me feel like he was grateful to meet me! I was very flattered. Such a great guy. I got my picture with him, and he signed my Ibanez RG520 with blue Dimarzios.

Thank you very much, Joe. It was an honor.

mikefr Thu Mar 16 '06
Millano Music
Mesa, AZ, US
Rank: Posted:
Sun Mar 19 '06
12:39 pm

Joe, It was a blast to meet you. Thanks for signing my JS1000. There's a spot on the wall for it. JS1200 here I come!

Keep changing the world man!


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