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ok! So, im a robot..and im sleeping and dreaming and im dreaming of all these different things that happen in the world and im dreaming and thinking about what makes them happen and why they happen! I dream about humans and there actions on earth and how it affects everything. I think about some recourses that are used on earth and how THEY effect everything as well. I think about things that humans do like, surf and fly and I wonder if I would be able to do them as well! Then at the end of my dream, I wake up and open my eyes and theres just this image of this amazing guitarist and I have my last few thoughts...Can I play this thing called guitar? Whats in space? What happens in space? Who is in space? Is there Love In Space? ect...

Thanks for watching and voting my video : )

Submitted 2007-01-19 10:15:50

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