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Joe Satriani Fan Sites

caiohomesick JOE SATRIANI FAN SITE caiohomesick.sites.uol.com.br
filafizz Watts Rivotrio? www.myspace.com/wattsrivotrio
Fill_Blues G3Site br.geocities.com/fill_blues1/index.htm
      It´s all about G3 tour and Satriani and others guitars Players Let´s go Brasil
julianoos Ibanez Guitars www.fotolog.net/ibanezguitars
      Site dedicated to the ibanez guitars. The best guitars of the world!!! Soon i will put the guitars of Satriani in the fotolog!!! Thanks!!!!
Tullio Joe Satriani Tribute www.bvs.ufrj.br/joe
      In construction...
vvu2 ChickenfootBR www.chickenfootbr.com
      Site feito por fans para a divulgação da banda no Brasil. Tem como objetivo reunir a maior quantidade de conteúdo sobre a banda Chickenfoot em português. Também tem como meta promover a banda para que possamos vê-los no Brasil o mais breve possível! =)
VoodooDancer Dream Theater, Joe SATRIANI, Steve VAI, LTE www.voodoodancer.dnt.sk
      Dream Theater, Joe SATRIANI, Steve VAI, LTE, news, mp3, pix, ........ Site is in Slovak language.
thebadger1848 Wordt lid van Gitaarvirtuoos Joe Satriani thisisaledgend.hyves.nl
      4 everyone who loves REAL guitar music
webmaster !~ Official Joe Satriani Web Site ~! www.satriani.com
      The official Joe Satriani web site. Well, duh, you're looking at it right now!
aaaaxial Joe Satriani www.orkut.com/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=164833
      one of the largest Joe Satriani fan sites on Orkut... and I am proud to be it's moderator
aclstrat Adam Law Music www.adamlawmusic.com
      An artist deeply inspired by Joe. Rock, instrumental guitar with a melodic sense.
Afan CAKEP gue_afn@yahoo.co.id
      i'm not speaking eglish (aku ingin belajar guitar supaya bisa seperti Anda. maaf Saya tidak bisa berbahasa inggris, tapi saya ingin sekali belajar guitar.. Tolong berikan saya solusinya) add me gue_afn@yahoo.co.id)
AGE1217 The Satriani Society groups.ultimate-guitar.com/joesatch
      A fan group on Ultimate-guitar.com.
Ajax101 Joe and Stu r the 2!!! there is not a thing in the world like a fat bass player and a bald guitarest
      Well i am about the only person my age that like Joe. How can u not like Joe. He moves his fingers of fast! One day they are going to fall of. Well being a male guitarest myself I guess being bald is coo. LOL
amir_triani_1 Amoojoe.com www.amoojoe.com
      About Joe Satriani & Me
Backcrawler Redshift riders www.myspace.com/redshiftriders
      Rock instrumental band from Mid-Wales....a very healthy dollop of Joe Satriani covers from "Satch boogie" to "Crowd chant"
bhotax Blue Rubina Project 2008 www.bhotax.net
      Blue Rubina Project 2008 - This is my bike, Suzuki Satria F150, hope you like it Satch!
billdetucci Bill DeTucci: Rippin' www.billdetucci.com
      Hey Guys! I love the song: "Crush of Love" by Satriani -- awesome! I recently came out with a Debut CD: Rippin', about 3 months ago! Please check it out, thanks a lot! http://www.billdetucci.com Drop me an Email too if you wish! Keep Rockin'! God Bless! Yours, Bill DeTucci
bobbymichigan GuitarRevelations www.guitarrevelations.com
      Pitch Axis Formulas - empowering all guitarists with ability to freely substitute scales.
Boris The Spider Satchland s7.invisionfree.com/Satchland/index.php
      Joe Satriani message board, needs more people, come join!
CamK JS10th.com www.js10th.com
      An attempt to track where in the world these magnificent guitars are, who owns them and what condition they're in.
chojuaniche Juggling with Joe Satriani music youtube.com/watch?v=U34Qotq6POI&feature=related
      This is a juggling improvisation while i'm listening to Joe Satriani - Always with me always with you. I'm used to study listening joe's music beacuse it relaxes me. I was studyng for an exam and i got really nervous so this just came out...I find out that juggling with Joe is pretty cool and I pass my exam!!!!
coolsurfalien coolsurfalien coolsurfalien.tripod.com
      all about joesatriani
Cork1 Joe "The Saint" Satriani emotion-over-skill.bebo.com
      i love joe come to ireland!!!
creekside Creekside Rock www.lulu.com/creekside
      Hello everyone Creekside just wrote Song lyrics for Joes new song Super Colossal. The were just submitted to 107.7 the bone. If you go to the bones website you can do the same. Good luck!! David Ireland lead singer of Creekside Rock!!
DelfinoPie Ice Station 9 www.geocities.com/ice_station_9
      DelfinoPie's fansite dedicated to bringing you Satriani influenced 3D abstract artwork.
dutch Erik Guitar-Poll www.guitar-poll.com/JS.php
      Guitars, guitarists and their music
dvdpetes videopetes archives www.videopetes.ca
      One of the largest quality rare video sites on the internet period
d_fdl d_fdl Indonesia
engelmannblues4u satriani's site of music www.myspace.com/cityblues
      has js on the back ground and he's js2000 in the back ground to,and black and black wallpaper
ericgtr Guitars101.com www.guitars101.com
      Everything guitar, personal MP3's, Contests, free backings and much more. Also a forum dedicated to Joe himself.
Ezar About me www.geocities.com/manggalaeleazar
      Here I have many article
filafshin Bagistana www.bagistana.com
      Persian Rock & Metal band.
foreverjoe ~ www.foreverjoe.com ~ www.foreverjoe.com
      fan site of Joe Satriani. Includes bio, discography, tour dates, video clips, audio samples, and more.
girishmenon Rock Concert Photography www.girishmenon.com
      Joe Satriani's Tour of India, 2005
gruskada SatchNotes.com www.satchnotes.com
      Background info on Joe Satriani's songs and albums. Also includes lots of quotes by Joe, and a discussion forum to share your own stories about each song.
gufastro Gufastro gufastro.free.fr
      In this site you can find tabs, midi files, bios and more about Joe Satriani, Metallica, Rockets, JM Jarre and Vasco Rossi.
Guitarvibes Joe Satriani in Amsterdam ftkstudio.eu/photography/satriani_amsterdam.html
      My photos of Joe gigs I attended in the Netherlands
Hamerac Troy Clark www.myspace.com/troykclark
       Has all of my influences on there. Joe is a main one. Has my original music on there, & videos of songs & covers off my new cd "Guitar with a Voice" You can also view those @ www.youtube.com/profile?user=hamerac
herbiani Analysis www.analysis-music.be
      About two years ago, 2 musicians decided to finally mean serious business and to look for ‘partners in crime’ to bring their boiling music to life. Today, they are 5 and armed and ready with sharp guitarsolos, fast drum fills, cunning texts, surprising bridges and more importantly exploding ROCK MUSIC.
hrblocked Satriani Society groups.ultimate-guiatar.com/joesatch
      A cool place to talk about anything Joe.
H_Eric Joe Satriani Forum www.satrianiforum.com
      So you want to know more about Joe, do you want to make new friends, or do you just want to meet other enthusiastic Satch fans? Then you should check the Joe Satriani Forum... all about Joe, his gear, sharing bootlegs, showing covers, sharing your links, backingtracks, sell or search for gear in the classified ads... everything! Just check it out and register yourself. It will be worth it!
JanKaptein Joe Satriani on Cagora joesatriani.cagora.com
      New Community Commerce Website to find the best related info about Joe Satriani and his friends around the globe, videos, articles, songs, etc. Free membership and admittance of family friendly contributions for everyone.
jeff campitelli 2 SATCH #11 - The World's No.1 Tribute band to the music of JOE SATRIANI www.joesatriani.co.uk
      SATCH #11 brings the sounds of the World famous Joe Satriani to venues around the world, performing this tribute for one sole purpose…. a love of his music…. An evening with SATCH #11 is a chance to see and hear all your favourite tracks from 'Surfing with the Alien', to tracks from his most recent album 'Super Colossal', performed in a spectacular show by amazing musicians... Check out the website for video, audio, pics and gig guide. www.joesatriani.co.uk
JguitarheadS Professor Satchafunkilus (The Joe Satriani Group) groups.ultimate-guitar.com/jsatch
      The utimate-guitar.com Satch fan club. The best place on UG to discuss all things Satch. All Joe Satriani fans welcome (just click on join on the group profile). NOTE: You need to have an Ultimate-Guitar account to join the group. (Free and very easy to join, visit ultimate-guitar.com). UG is the best, fastest growing guitar community on the web; the only guitar website that has gear and cd reviews, music news, guest columns, guitar and bass lessons and tabs in one place. (Plus contests and UG.TV). It currently has 1,017,354 members, and a massive forum with 614,088 threads and 11,014,223 posts.
Jilan satriani indo fans www.satriani-indofansclub.blogspot.com
      this site contain all joe's stuff including news,wallpaper,etc..see it if you have a lot time,and join us
jimmy66 stephen mc grogan www.stephenmcgrogan.com/style-index/illustrator-index.html#
      Art and design
jimmycrabtree Harmonic Highway jimmycrabtree.tripod.com
      Joe Satriani has always been about attitude and the passion for playing guitar. I'm a guitarist on the same road. Here is where influences merge.
JoeFanFor18Years Rare Joe Satriani Concerts www.foliofamily.com/bootlegs_page.html
      A collection of rare Joe Satriani concerts
katzdh ToneTek www.tonetek.biz
      Tonetek is a company that manufactures a newly patented multi functional plectrum named the "Heavy Metal"pick. The pick is made of stainless steel and weighs approx. 20 grams. The multiple surfaces make it an excellent tool for speed picking, tapping, pick hand slide techniques and glissando's.
kmussio Toronto
      Have been to 2 great shows! Here is this past Massey Hall performance of G3.
koppany koppany
lachlan Metal Theater www.metaltheater.com
      Instrumental rock and progressive album reviews. Features a big Satch page where I've got my vinyl on display.
LARR Fallen Effect www.falleneffect.piczo.com
      Satriani Tribute
lauriemonk Truth In Shredding truthinshredding.blogspot.com/search/label/Joe%20Satriani
      My posts featuring Joe Satriani. 160 posts to date
lawyer www.hussamwalid.8m.com
Legacy650 Satch Rules!!! www.satchrules.com
LittleSat Today Not Tomorrow Band - Satch Newbies www.youtube.com/user/todaynottomorrowband
      Fired our singer just so we could do some Satch Surfing!
MAGNINE SHRED GUITAR TABS & LICKS www.chopsfromhell.com/advert_johnson_RJ1.html
megamuzic Free Guitar Backing Tracks and Tracks with Removed Vocal for Singing www.megamuzic.com
      Website is dedicated to music. Here you can find free guitar backing tracks and tracks with removed vocal for singing popular songs.
mf4strings BLUE DREAM - Rock Trio featuring Tribute to Joe Satriani www.bluedream.homestead.com
      BLUE DREAM is a Long Island, NY based instrumental trio featuring guitarist Chris Benvegna. We're probably the East Coast's only Joe Satriani Tribute Band. Our site also has the latest news on Joe's very busy musical life including CD release info, local NY concert/tour info and some great photos of Satch in action. Stop by the site and come to a show when you need that "Satch Fix".
morse man www.handsintheair@hotmail.com
      find the latest about Satriani !!!!!
NAILHEAD www.nailheadphotography.com www.nailheadphotography.com
      music related photography - see the JOE SATRIANI PAGE
nickle www.google.com www
Nico Lehu Guitar Planet guitarplanet.free.fr
      Welcome to my Joe Satriani collection : rare vinyls, CDs, bootlegs, mags and more.
Packers The Joe satriani website satriani27.tripod.com
      This is a site that is all about the Satch
patrick milar www.patrick-milar.com patrick-milar.com
      its my own site all about me and my band's and music. i'm a big fan of joe from when i heard his first song. he dont know me but he is my guitar teacher. :) but i play my own style in hardrock. for joe ! thank you verry much that i can play like this on guitar . if i did not listen to your music i never had this kind of skills... greets from holland
pezcoredude Joe Satriani Group UK groups.myspace.com/joesatrianiukgroup
      A UK myspace fan site for general discussion about Joe Satriani. His music and guitars/ guitar music in general. Currently home to very few memebers, would appreciate anyone who wishes to join!
PhryDom !~ Talk2Joe ~! www.talk2joe.com
      The official site for the Talk2Joe CD.
Pieculewicz Robert PIECULEWICZ www.robert-pieculewicz.com
      Instrumental guitar composer and player who sounds like Satch spirit. If you like Joe, you will like Robert
Planetsach51 www.jeremycook.net jeremycook.net/index.html
      my own original music joe has been my biggest influence thanxs for the great music check out my site if u get a chance............jeremy
rg1570 Joe Satriani Techniques www.ibanez-guitar-players.net/joe-satriani-tabs.htm
      Examples of "Pitch Axis" theory and large intervals arpeggio, fans tabs, ibanez JS guitars review.
richo Joe Satriani www.satchrome.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
      All about Joe. Guitars, disc's, photo's, gear, biography, news, tour dates, band members.
Ricky Garcia JEMFEST www.jemfest.com
      Jemfest is a 100% charity Guitar Festival supporting the Steve Vai "Make A Noise Foundation". We have anual guitar concerts in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia and regular JEMFESTradio shows with interviews of the great players on this planet.
Riverjoe Joe Satriani Indonesia www.facebook.com/JoeSatrianiIndonesia
      Joe Satriani Indonesian Fans Page
roo Roo's Satriani Collection - UPGRADE roo.emu.id.au/newsatch
      Awesome complete breakdown and cross-reference of all recordings and gigs! Detailed information on cd packs, bootlegs, posters, shirts, plectrums, etc! The old site was online since 1995! ARCHIVED AT: http://roo.emu.id.au/Satch
SaM61 MelodicSaM www.melodisSaM.com
      It's always for Joe Satriani I love his guitar playing skills and the way he makes his guitar sing it's a pleasure to watch him play and my dream is to be a guitarist as skilled as him lets just hope for the best
satch72 The Ibanez JS site www.geocities.com/louferri
      Site dedicated to the Satch's Ibanez guitar. Tech info , Photo gallery, everything you can need about it, from codes of the part to wiring diagrams... :)
Saturax Joe Satriani Universe community www.joesatrianiuniverse.com
      Joe Satriani Universe is the worldwide community for all Satch fans. Discover all about Joe Satriani, the G3 and Chickenfoot. Learn how to play his songs in exclusive lessons, discover all about his signature gear, his Ibanez JS guitars, his amps, pickups, pedals.
scottwarner365 SATCHURATION BOOGIE www.youtube.com/watch?v=48GXw_zMhOw
serbiagini Joe Satriani Was Here!!! www.flickr.com/groups/581103@N24
      Only Joe Satriani's pictures, Joe and his band, Joe and his special guests, Joe live, Joe in his studio, Joe and his fans, etc.
SF 1000 so satriani uk tribute band www.myspace.com/sosatriani
      joe satriani uk tribute band, since 2005 have been paying homage to one of the worlds best guitarists. All experienced musicians in there own right, so check them out !
shallom joe later
Shredthisway Guitar Greed www.Guitargreed.com
      Guitar greed is your one stop shop for all your guitar playing needs. We provide guitar lessons, new, reviews and a lot more
Sider2 Azul........Sahara storm..........sound of silence......guitar slides www.freewebs.com/sider2
      Share your ideas with other guitarists and satriani's fans from over the world Know more about greatest guitarists in the world....
SirChick `Satch Forums www.satchforums.co.nr
      The home to all the information and bootlegs of the legend himself Joe Satriani. We also have a great section for seeing member's covers and section for learning and recording education too! Of course we also have off topic area for general fun and discussions on gear from all over the world! And we cannot obviously forget the important part. And that is the up-to-date information of Joe Satriani.
smalien Smalien - Joe Satriani Tribute band www.smalien.rs
      Joe Satriani Tribute band from Belgrade, Serbia
SoloInstrumental Solo Instrumental www.soloinstrumental.com
      Instrumental Rock Project
souldistortion sixteenhole.com www.sixteenhole.com/profile/backdistortsound
      sixteenhole.com is band community site / the great musicians in Indonesian
Steven Ciro Vai Enigmatic Creatures webmaster@satriani.com
suroz2007 www.surozroks.com 555
      keep on rockin' in the free world
thedriverr Gods Of Guitar thedriver3149@att.net
TJGardner Super Colossal www.freewebs.com/super-colossal/index.htm
      The latest in Joe Satriani tribute sites, check it out.
ToneBone JoeSatch.com joesatch.com
      A blog site dedicated to one of my all-time favorite guitarist!
trickob satrianilive.com http;//satrianilive.com
      this is a site that has a collection of video clis of joe onstage.thirty two live clips ,all the best tracks(well all my favourite anyway) check it out
Turnerpie Joe Satriani and Steve Vai satriani-vai.f2g.net
      Please go on my site...it has all the information u want for Satch aswell as his good friend Stev Vai. There is a forum also to discuss everything!!!
tuvster Joe Satriani Fan Site www.satriani.piczo.com
twobostoo Joe Is A God I Don't Know
      Hey if you like Joe Satriani, this website is for you! I have been listening to this guy since I was three years old!
ugmug js10th.com
      alljs10ths from around the world maybe not all
vaifan77 Backstage pictures Vai Satriani live / backstage vaifan.myblogsite.com/blog
      Joe Satriani photos live onstage / backstage. Several Vai pictures as well. http://vaifan.myblogsite.com/blog or www.vaiworld.com
vlavarlamos Digital art lucraridigitale.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/the-extremist
William Wiegand YouTube William Wiegand Channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAc6mrgxclo
      You can hear Joe Satriani's Song "Revelation Minus One", with an Original Guitar Performance by William Wiegand.
XEMAH Ipod Skins featuring Joe Satriani guitar design www.deviantart.com/view/34763123
      3 Ipod Skin made with the image of the amazing white donnie guitar, as seen in the extremist video. A humble tribute to Joe
zhimonk iman_saTriani
CarlosGuerra Joe Satriani Club de fãs/Fórum forum.satriani.com.pt/index.php?sid=bd9f95d4425cada037b5f98b93a987e3
Raspberry Delta V Clube de Fãs Português de Joe Satriani www.satriani.com.pt
      É o Clube de Fãs Português de Joe Satriani. Onde podes ficar a conhecer, em português, tudo sobre o Satch. It's the portuguese fan club. A portuguese data base with lots of information about Joe.
Brad 64 Joe Satriani France www.satriani-fr.com
      La communauté Française de Joe Satriani ! Retrouvez toutes les infos et actualités sur Satch, Chickenfoot, le G3, le matériel, les tournées et bien plus encore.
Brad Coudray Brad Coudray - Joe Satriani Universe www.bradcoudray.com/realisations/joe-satriani-universe
      Created by designer Brad Coudray in 2006, discover the behind the scenes of the creation of the Joe Satriani Universe website, the official community site of American guitar hero Joe Satriani.
festones570 Site de Satch en français!!! festones.free.fr
      Très basic certes, mais l essentiel y est!
guitarcomet guitarcomet www.guitarcomet.com
      Hello everyone, fan site of joe dedicated to the guitars, some patterns, a club in france, lives the rock !
JaSoNa www.jasona.sup.fr freewebs
      The world of JaSoNa
LisaAubry Robin Angelini (Saturax) - Satch guitar lessons in Paris www.saturax.fr
      Robin Angelini is a professional guitar teacher in Paris. Along with the fan website Joe Satriani Universe, he teaches a lot of Joe Satriani techniques in his school, like legato or the use of the whammy bar to his students, most of the classic songs (Surfing With The Alien, Crushing Day, Satch Boogie, FLyin In A Blue Dream, etc.) and less known -nontheless interesting- songs like Not Of This Earth, Time, Engines Of Creation.
loudcloud Loudcloud Satriani Page www.loudcloud.fr/spip.php?page=artist&id=2038
      L'info sur les artistes et les groupes en live.
Metal Tom Rock n' Heavy www.rocknheavy.net/?page=groupe&groupe=satriani
      Biographies et discographies de plein de groupes de Rock et Hard Rock, dont Joe Satriani naturellement.
Rico68 shotgun www.shotgun.fr
      Shotgun, new calédonian based band has been playing since 1990 in Nouméa the capitol
Startouf Satchworld v.3 www.satchworld.tk
      La communauté française de Joe Satriani !
Startouff Satchworld.com www.satchworld.com
      La communauté française de Joe Satriani !
toussaintmariani satriani et moi satrianietmoi.monsite.wanadoo.fr
      Photos du G3 a Patrimonio 2004 en CORSE et videos du show
matsmusic mats-music www.mats-music.de
      Rock, Funk and Soul influence my music.Here you can hear some of my instrumental rock songs.Check out !
Ozzfreeze Sixth Alloy Force-Thrash Metal from Germany www.sixthalloy.de
      This Pages will show you a great Metal Band from North-Germany. Visit a Guy like Satch!
AlienSurfers AlienSurfers www.aliensurfers.com
      Joe Satriani Tribute Band
CristinaIt DelRock.it delrock.it/photogallery/2008-06/joe-satriani-live-club-di-trezzo-sull-adda-mi.php
      Tons of Joe pictures shot during his concert at Live Club, Italy, on June 11th
Ivan Joe Satriani un~official Tab Site xoomer.alice.it/ivanmarg
loopno9 Marco Tiso Quartet www.marcotisoquartet.com
      Joe Satriani Tribute Band
manuel1976 JOE Alien www.joealien.it
      Una valanga di musica del nostro JOE......
Mick1982 Joe Satriani's Italian Fan Page www.myspace.com/satriani_italianfanpage
      A Fan Page coming from Italy, with news, videos and many other things about Joe...
Nastymaui NASTY BEAR www.nastybear.it
      The ultimate Joe SATRIANI Italian Tribute Band!
rubinassky Rubina's Sky - Joe Satriani Tribute Band www.myspace.com/rubinassky
      Rubina's Sky Italian Joe Satriani Tribute Band...Un omaggio al Maestro Joe Satriani.
wolk Joe Satriani Official Fan Page www.satriani.it
      Full of services, Blog, News, Media and Forum Community! Cyber Sourfing With The Alien.
tamachan BANANA MANGO space.geocities.jp/bananamango715
      discography,biography...more.! Welcome Japanese Satch's fans!
wmazurczyk First Official Polish Fan Club - www.satriani.of.pl www.fankluby.hg.pl/satriani
      First Polish Fan Club totally 'Not Of This Earth' ;-)
We invite you to join our Fan Club! Join army of Satch's Fans!!!
Zapraszamy wszystkich fanów z Polski i nie tylko...
Some info is avaliable also in English...

Outstanding Fan club's T-Shirts and mugs are avaliable - check for yourself! Joe has also our T-Shirt!
I like this guy Best russian site by Joe Satriani www.joe-satriani.ru
      Cool site about Joe.
Satrionick The russian fan site for joe www.satriani.ru
      A very informative site which includes recent photos as well as videos and other cool info about satch. Includes a footage of a clinic which Joe recently done in Moscow.
gricko www.ridan.andreev.com gibson
      photos,guitars,pedals,information for macedoninan guitarists
Carlos_Ramirez CHMANCITO satchsono.googlepages.com/chman
      It's for fun
christianAR chris0100hotmail.com www.satriani.com
      q mas se le puede pedir a la vida!!!!!???? naci en la epoca justa, para poder hoy disfrutar de LA MUSICA, incomparable de JOE, y ademas lo vi jugar a diego, son las personas q mas admiro de mi vida!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS JOE Y MARADONA x tanto espectaculo y placer......
fanaticodejoe Un foro de Satriani que encontré www.taringa.net/posts/musica/1114715/Joe-Satriani-discografia,biografia,amplificacion-y-m%C3%A1s___.html
fraurocan Satriani Argentina www.satrianiargentina.com.ar
      Informacion sobre Satch en Español ... el sitio aun esta en construccion. Information of Satch in Spanish. Site in construction.
Graciela Graciela Serra Proyecto Azul, Investigación Teatral y de Vanguardia www.proyectoazul.com.ar
      Laboratorios, Seminarios, Investigación en música, Festivales de Teatro Internacionales, Danza-Teatro con Homenaje a JOE SATRIANI, galerías de fotos, enlace de este sitio.
ozzoveloz SATCH -.Tributo a JOE SATRIANI satch-tributoajoesatriani.blogspot.com
      Este sitio lo creamos esclusivamente para dar a conocer la musica de JOE SATRIANI, somos una Banda Tributo a JOE SATRIANI, tuvimos la oportunidad de tocar para el, este año que paso 2006 en el G3 en Chile,
SantiagoPaulet From Madrid To Hollywood www.frommadridtohollywood.blogspot.com
      This is my blog telling my adventures in Hollywood and studying in Musicians Institute. You can watch my videos playing Satriani's songs. My dream is to learn the creative process of artists like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and to elaborate my own philosophy to create beautiful songs. The site has posts in English and Spanish.
Sebastian Guitar Sebastian Guitar Sebastian RIOS
      Muy buena la pagina "Guitar Planet". Saludos desde Santa Fe!!!. Sebastian RIOS (sebastianriosg3@hotmail.com).
Walterg3 Joe Satriani Street Team Colombia www.myspace.com/joesatrianistreetteamcolombia
      Pagina realizada por medio de myspace pa interactuar con gente de latinoamerica todo acerca de Satriani. Page made through myspace ap interact with people from all over Latin America about Satriani.
finger6 Joe Satriani Turkish Site www.satriani-tr.com
      Turkish fan site for Joe Satriani
Ooo Haviy Joe Satriani TR www.joesatriani.8m.com
      Benim sitem muahahaah.
TurkishBass gokhankalafat gokhankalafat.deviantart.com
      art, cartoon and my illustrations...

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