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There are a number of ways to interact with Joe, his band, and other fans. The options below (some of which are also in the toolbar above) are connected to your account. If you aren't logged in, you may not be able to use some of the features.

Every page of the web site includes your Nickname in the top right underneath the navigational tabs. If you are logged in, clicking on the [X] next to your nickname will log you out. If you aren't logged in, a link to log in will appear instead.

Below is a general description of the different areas available.

Talk To Joe
This section is sort of a free-for-all stream of consciousness that all registered members can post to. Joe and his band have specific colors assigned to them to make it easy to pick their posts out from the others. This is the area of the site Joe checks up on the most. Though he doesn't always have time to post, he makes a point of regularly reading it to catch a glimpse of what is on people's minds. Occasionally he'll answer and ask questions that are more spontaneous than appear in more formal areas of the web site.
This section is for fans to chat in real-time with each other. Joe only occasionally shows up in the live chat (in blue text), unless specific events are scheduled.
Check out photos from Joe and the band (on the road, in the studio, etc) plus live photos by fans from hundreds of shows and special fan art galleries.
Fan Sites
Use this feature to see a listing of fan-run sites or list your own Joe Satriani fan site for others to see.
Edit/Add Show Attendance
Use this feature to list yourself as attending a specific live show (once you have tickets). You can view who is attending shows in the tour section, and you are automatically entered into the aftershow pass giveaway contest (should it be available on that show).
Edit/Add Gig Reviews
Use this feature to post your reviews (text and a numeric rating) of live shows that you've seen or read other fans' reviews.
Edit Setlist
Use this feature to list your favorite songs of Joe's for him to play live. Each time before he goes out on tour, he'll takes a look at summary statistics of all of the fan's favorite songs to help determine which songs to include in the show. Other fans also can view your set list to see what songs you like the best performed live.
Member List and Member Lookup
These sections allow you to view information about other registered members. If you select to "share your information with others" (in your member preferences), additional information is included about you when other members view. You must be logged in to use this feature at all.
This is where you go to update your member account preferences. If you change email addresses, make sure you update it here or you won't be able to retrieve your password (should you lose it). You can also change your password, location, home page, and your preference for sharing of your info with other members.
2005 Webcast Interview Contest
The show and interview has happened and went online May 1st, 2005! You can still click on this link to view the top 5 contest entries.
Log Out
This will log you out and require re-entering of your nickname and password before you will be able to access member-only features of the site. If you are using a public computer, you should make sure you do this when you are done or other people could access your account and impersonate you.

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