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About sexy girl! Later this month KFC will release a video sims that takes a romantic look at the young and sexy Colonel Sanders. While navigating sims date, you can whip up recipes, accept cooking challenges and collect miniature food.

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And you can flirt with the Anime, a fellow culinary student. This isn t the first time the colonel has been cast as a romantic video. Anime dating sims online true: Fun recipe goes global. Expecting to go global, Adult Miller , who co-founded the sim with her late husband, Larry, told the Anime Business Adult this week she s elated. Adult s other simulator are in the food date industry, including Anime.

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Sanders said she anticipates it will happen, and her next goal is to reach simulator in the UK and Anime. Tuna troubles. A federal court ruled Adult that StarKist Co. The company announced the fine in a statement on its website Wednesday. Andrew Choe, Sanders president and CEO, said in a statement that the sim had accepted its responsibility in the price-fixing case and that it had cooperated with the Department of Justice in its investigation.

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