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Except for taking off the sails, which I would wait to do if the last-minute forecast looked especially dire, I felt that I was ready for anything the tropics could throw at Maine. I dropped the anchor in the hole, the effective scope was just about infinite see drawing. With bluffs considerably higher than the mast close on every side, I felt as snug and safe as a spider in a drainpipe when I surveyed my work.

The day of the storm, there was nothing to do but lash a line around the covered mainsail, wrap the sheets around the roller jib, clean up on deck, and explore my surroundings.

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I tend to cruise the same way, and the enforced idleness in a beautiful spot, with all my preparations complete, turned the day into one of the most relaxing and enjoyable I have ever spent with the boat. File history The trip home was another story Ironically, my trip home took three times as long, and I encountered some of the roughest seas I have taken Strider through yet. My exit from the river was aborted by sudden strong blasts of wind I realized would be a very bad mix with the large swells rolling in from the storm.

The next morning, I went out the mouth of the Kennebec under power, just to take a look. All the rain had set up quite an outflow from the river even with the tide near the end of the flood, and this always gnarly spot was truly impressive. Strider did wonderfully, resolutely plugging into the seas at about four knots and rpm, as fast as I could go without sticking the bow through the short, steep seas.

Standing at the wheel, I could usually sight across the tops of several seas in the troughs, the accurate way to measure average wave height, so the seas were generally about six. I had also piled my spare anchor rode and some other lines on top of the oars to weight the dinghy down for the rough water. About halfway to Small Point, it was as rough as it had been in the river mouth, although the seas were a bit more regular. I looked back to see the dinghy drop off a wave and the lines rise up above the rail.

Minutes later, one of the oars was gone, followed a few waves later by the other. The dinghy was dry when I looked in it that evening. It was rough out there. I got into Quahog Bay and spent a pleasant Labor Day afternoon watching boats come in and anchor. The next morning, an easy half-day of sailing and motoring under fair skies brought this interesting little cruise to an end. Roger Long. This storm could still veer into the coast and cause considerable damage.

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With that thought, I went to sleep to await the tempest. It is hard to believe that I am now reduced to writing for a magazine that would publish a story about a total anti-climax, but here it is. I heard not so much as a tiny little moan in the rigging. There was not even a hint of a ripple of water against the hull. Never even the slightest squeak and snub of a line taking up the strain.

The branches of the trees around me were still. There was not a sound except for the faint tick of the clock until the roar of the rain began. The calm before the storm was the storm. The rain was tapering off enough by the time I had finished breakfast that I could go out in shorts and windbreaker and start picking up my gear. Things took a turn at that point. I had the bow pulled down six or eight inches. It was stuck fast.

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