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Over the centuries, many sea monster legends were born and forgotten; only a few have reached our days. The Kraken. In: Jardine, William.

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Edinburgh: Sea monsters unmasked. London: William Clowes and Sons. Therefore, these monsters have been considered as references to the Kraken and are treated as the same monster. Their features only reflected the fears of the first navigators, and the Kraken proved to be the strongest figure in their folklore, dragging every other sea monster under its shadow.

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Guilford: Lyons Press. The element encyclopedia of magical creatures. London: Harper Element. Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus. Historiae animalium. Curious creatures in zoology. London: John Until the beginning of the eighteenth century, science and myth were not clearly separated, and the Kraken slowly but steadily took on the shape of a giant cephalopod, largely due to the increase in the number of sightings of giant squids as seafaring became more common.

The Kraken: scourge of the seas Before actually examining the science behind the monster, it is worth lingering a little more in the domain of mythology and further exploring the Kraken in all its legendary glory. Copenhagen: Berlingste Arvingers Bogtrykkerie. There are many accounts in the pseudoscientific and cryptozoological literature, and also in the official naval records, telling of encounters with the monster They report that the Kraken would attack a ship with its strong arms, and if this strategy failed it could sink a vessel by creating a fierce maelstrom that could drag the ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Generally, it was thought that the Kraken would start swimming in circles around the ship which clearly implies a much smaller size for the monster , thus creating the deadly vortex.

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Despite its fearsome reputation, the Kraken could also bring some benefits for people. Putting their fear aside, some fishermen risked going near the monster in order to secure a more bounteous catch. Besides the myth, the Kraken was also immortalized in art, and two of its appearances deserve special attention. The poetry of Tennyson.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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However, some later authors Manual of conchology: In any case, this confusion is so recurrent that it is worth citing some of these Greco-Roman monsters here.

Monsters of the sea. Nevertheless, the Kraken can still be found in Historiae animaliumunder another guise: a sea serpent described by Magnus some years earlier.

The reason for the confusion between the Kraken and sea serpents is explained below. The bishop reports that the Kraken, when rising from the sea, could easily be mistaken for a mountain; its colossal size made it more similar to an island than to an organized being.

However, some authors still defended Pontoppidan much later The Kraken was so strong an influence in Nordic folklore that most naturalists could not escape its allure. Systema Naturae. The name he chose was Microcosmus marinus, later understood asSepia microcosmos.

Curiously, the cuttlefish, another kind of cephalopod, was and still is classified under the genus Sepia, and the Kraken itself was deemed a cuttlefish on some occasions. Fauna Svecica.

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In any case, after this event, everyone naturalists or not adopted once and for all the image of a giant squid for the Kraken; Whaling and fishing. Oplysninger om Atlanterhavets colossale Blaeksprutter. This was the point at which the Kraken officially and permanently entered the annals of science.

Some aspects of the systematics and biology of squid of the genus Architeuthis based on a study of specimens from Newfoundland waters. Bulletin of Marine Science, Verrill identified the first specimens as If your child is unwell, they may need medical treatment to help replace lost fluids. This can involve using a feeding tube that goes into the stomach via the nose, or fluids given directly into a vein through a drip intravenous or IV therapy. What causes dehydration? Making sure your child drinks enough water each day can help prevent dehydration.

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Providing extra drinks of water in hot weather, during and after exercise and during illness is particularly important. Key points to remember Young children and babies are at most risk of becoming dehydrated. Mild dehydration can be treated at home by giving oral rehydration fluids or water. Do not give drinks that are high in sugar.

If your child show signs of severe dehydration, see your GP or go to your closest hospital emergency department. For more information Kids Health Info fact sheet: Gastroenteritis gastro Kids Health Info fact sheet: Sun safety Raising Children Network fact sheet: Dehydration Common questions our doctors are asked Should my child drink sports drinks when playing sports to prevent dehydration?

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Sports drinks are not recommended for hydration, as there is often a high sugar content. Drinks that are high in sugar can make dehydration worse. During sports, children can drink water or oral rehydration solutions. What illnesses are most likely to cause dehydration?


Options include the: Ravitch procedure. This is open-chest surgery in which chest cartilage that is the wrong shape is removed. Then the breastbone sternum is moved to the right position.

Nuss procedure. Small cuts incisions are made on both sides of the chest. The doctor inserts one or more curved bars behind the breastbone and attaches them to the ribs.

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Then the bars are removed. If you need surgery, your doctor can talk with you about the procedures and their risks. Your doctor may recommend exercise to help improve your posture and expand your chest.

But exercise won t cure pectus. Some people with pectus may feel embarrassed about how their chest looks. They may have low self-esteem or even depression. If this happens, counselling may help. Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety.