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Raging hormones metaphorically represent the notion of teenage sexuality as an individual, overpowering force that is difficult for teenagers to control. Ronda Fursman can see her son s "testosterone bubbling. Harriet Mears believes both girls and boys "are completely hormonally driven.

Accounts of lives seriously disrupted because of sex haunt American discussions of teen sexuality. They see a disjunction between the onset of hormones, on the one hand, and the development of the cognitive and emotional capacity to handle them, on the other hand. Jany Kippen thinks her son is not ready to have a sexual relationship because he lacks "a real clear picture of the consequences. I mean not that he doesn t know that there are consequences but they re always going to not happen to him.

That would be "awfully tempting" and "just too much to ask. Maybe it would never happen, maybe they re just good friends; but I just think raging hormones syndrome.

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It can lead to other things I don t have anything really against kissing. Fondling is starting to get a little-- it gets mistier because it s harder to stop what you re doing and [not] have it lead to something else.

I mean I don t really have a problem with that as much as what could happen, the babies and all that. Many American parents institute rules such as Jennifer s, leaving bedroom doors open at all times and keeping teenage couples supervised while at home. Given their concerns that when offered the opportunity, teenagers may not be able to control themselves against the forces of their hormonal urges, the notion of permitting a sleepover of the kind that is common in Dutch middle-class families strikes many American parents as ludicrous.

The Battle Between the Sexes The second cultural theme that recurs throughout the American interviews is that of the battle between the sexes.

As an interviewer, it was striking to hear American middle-class parents express extreme skepticism about the possibility of love during the teenage years. Parents frequently say that while teenagers, particularly girls, may think they are in love, they are not truly in love.

It is still quite common, especially for those Americans who live in more conservative communities, to describe girls and boys as driven by opposing drives and needs: boys want sex and girls want love. Doreen and Harold Lawton articulate a stark vision of such a difference. He believes boys want to "get laid" at any cost. She thinks girls don t want to "get laid;" they just have sex to hold onto their boyfriends.

Likewise, Helen Mast believes that if her daughter Katie decides to become sexually involved with her boyfriend, it will not be because she wants to; "she s only doing it because he wants her to. He is, however, extremely anxious about her dating debut. He regards the source of his anxiety as self-evident: "I m a parent of a teenage cheerleader.

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I m very concerned. Dirty little boys, get away, get away. Pamela Fagan, among the more conservative parents, believes "teenage girls have so much more of a romantic, fantasy and emotional involvement [than boys] and all encompassing kind of emotions with it and think, I am so in love and this love will last forever. The boy can say, Sorry, it didn t work out, walk away, See ya later. It really has to be that they feel mentally responsible for what they did or have some deep inward feeling that I m responsible for them to step up and say, I m financially responsible, or something, but ultimately girls don t have that choice.

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