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At the time of writing, social attitudes appear to be embracing these reforms quite quickly. However, while some legal obstacles may have been reduced, there are still many social and cultural obstacles for women to overcome. For example, it is harder for women to hold senior positions whilst maintaining cultural norms in mixed-gender workplaces.

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While such women can usually associate freely, unveiled in the privacy of the home around family members, not all male relatives are mahram Therefore, wives are expected to cover their hair and faces in the presence of their male in-laws. Some families may be more relaxed about this.

However, in more conservative families, men may not socialise with their female cousins and sisters-in law unless they are veiled.

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See the Core Concepts for more information on gender separation. It is rare for men and women to show open affection in public, and many couples may not be permitted to see one another alone.

Therefore, Saudi couples usually meet in neutral public places or online. Cell phones and the internet have provided a way for young people to covertly interact while maintaining their public separation.

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Marriages are often arranged in Saudi Arabia, either by relatives or a matchmaker. For example, a Saudi may initially have less serious relationships that help them determine what kind of life partner they want. When they are ready to settle down, they may pass this information on to their parents to find someone compatible. Other couples may have already been secretly dating before telling their parents they would like to marry.

In more traditional families, couples may only meet for a couple of hours before an arranged engagement to see if both parties agree to the marriage.

LGBT rights in Saudi Arabia

Usually, each member of the couple is allowed to have the final say as to whether they want to accept or decline the match made by their families. Chastity particularly female virginity is considered essential for marriage in Saudi Arabia.

The couple will then spend a lot of time together getting to know one another once they are engaged. Marriage usually occurs within a year of engagement. However, before the marriage, licenced persons will sit with the bride and groom separately to ascertain that neither is being forced into the marriage by their family.

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Legally, women must have the signature of a male guardian to get married. Husbands are generally older than their wives as men are expected to be entirely self-sufficient and economically secure Some young people may wish to finish their studies before marriage, while others get married quite early.

Adult Education Fulltime jobs in Saudi Arabia

It is common for Saudis to marry foreigners. However, marriage between people of different religion affiliations is very rare. Endogamy Endogamous cross-cousin marriage occurs in Saudi Arabia. Marrying a relative means the household s name, inheritance and honour is maintained within the family. It is sometimes believed that endogamous marriages are more successful as the couple has more familiarity with one another before marriage. However, cross-cousin marriages are decreasing in popularity as it is now mandatory for couples to do genetic tests before getting married to detect potential genetic risks that could be passed down to children.

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For example, he must have the financial capacity to afford another marriage and provide for another wife and her family. He must also treat each wife equally Each wife should have her own individual living quarters and kitchen.

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