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Kawili St. General Educational Development GED The GED test provides a valid means of measuring the educational achievement of adults who have not graduated high school and of comparing their academic competence with that of high school graduates.

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The diploma may provide graduates the opportunity to enter the military service, gain college admission, increase income, increase job qualifications or assist in obtaining work advancement. Come join us to assess your transferable skills and explore alternative job possibilities. The turmoil of the past few months has created an experience of powerlessness for many people, particularly when it comes to what the future holds for their careers.

This career coaching workshop is an opportunity to reclaim what is within your control to move your career goals forward. You might ask them if they think there is any difference between infatuation, attraction, and love.


Talk about how people can be attracted to or preoccupied with other people for a range of positive and negative reasons, and discuss the importance of understanding why your teen or young adult might be attracted to or preoccupied with someone else. Or are they attracted to someone because that person is elusive, seems unattainable, or mistreats them in some way?

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Do they feel more or less attracted to a person when that person shows less interest in them or mistreats them? Discussing these questions can give them tools for determining whether a relationship is likely to be healthy or unhealthy.

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Although these exercises may not stop your teen or young adult from entering a harmful relationship, they can reduce the odds, and they can help them avoid repeating harmful relationships. Talk about the markers of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Many teens may not know if they are in a healthy or unhealthy romantic relationship.

They also may be unsure if their worries, feelings of disappointment, or criticisms of their partner are normal.