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Her role is to grace your visit with a real girlfriend experience, and should there arise a need to get intimate, let it be out of mutual trust and the desire the two of you have for each other. Mobility performance will be assessed by the time required to complete the obstacle course and the number of mobility incidents, which included bumps, stumbles, and orientation problems.

A bump will be defined as a body contact above the knee, excluding the hands. A stumble will be defined as a change in posture or gait due to contact with an object below the knee. An orientation problem will be defined as a change in direction that was not consistent with the instructions.

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A trained observer will be following the participants closely behind to record time and bumps. Surveillance system comprising video camera to record the activities will be implemented as well.

Travel time will be converted into walking speed meters per second by dividing the distance of established travel path by the time to complete the course. The converted measure permits a direct comparison of mobility performance across other routes and studies. Special exercise: A special exercise will be designed that is safe for person with constricted visual field; combination of isometric and aerobic exercise.

IOP will be taken at baseline and at certain phases of the exercise. A rehabilitation reading regime with or without low vision aid will be designed. Devices will include wearable body sensor vibrator and special smartphone apps for recognition of objects.

The control subject will be using the special glasses available in the department that simulated constricted visual field. Improvement will be made based on the outcome of the pilot study.

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Validation process: After development or modification of the program, the recruited subjects will be trained and asked to perform it at home for two weeks. They will be provided with a dairy to ensure that they have conducted it daily. They will be seen after two weeks and the rehabilitation method will be assessed using specific questionnaire.

Tentative questionnaire is attached here.

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Assessment will be made based on simple questionnaire, which will be made once the rehabilitation program has been developed. Patients will also be asked on the feasibility and practicality using the questionnaire.

Reading- if the reading material book is found to difficult, the material will be replaced. Any new movement of the eye or head that is scored difficult to manoeuvre or impractical will be removed.

Those with severe hearing impairment, physical disabilities such as stroke, limbs amputation, macular and retinal pathology, and on low vision aids will be excluded. They will be advised to be compliance to the existing treatment.

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Baseline assessment An introductory session will be conducted to all selected subjects. The purpose of the study will be explained, and compliance will be emphasized. The blood will be kept in the plain bottles and analysed for the level of total anti-oxidant capacity TAC. The total score from each domain was summed and the score calculated. Accelerometer will be given to the patients with the instruction to wear it all day long except for sleeping and bathing.

A baseline reading speed, visual span, eye and head movement will be obtained in those involved in reading rehabilitation program using the reading charts, newspaper and pharmacy label print.

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Reading materials in Bahasa Malaysia a book to read will also be given. Rehabilitation regime The patient is expected and encouraged to come with a carer who live together with the patient during the early part of the sessions. An introductory session will be conducted by the occupational rehabilitation therapist baseline , patients will be asked to practice it at home. Depending on the respective limitations the patient will be taught of ways to get around the problems, emphasizing on the Visual Perception and Sensory Motor Ability as outlined by the Chessington Occupational Therapy Neurological Assessment Battery to maximize function, health and wellbeing.

A set of realistic goals will be established together with the patient whether using the restorative or compensatory methods to promote motivation and enhance confidence. Restorative method includes restorative visual field training, optokinetic training and and search task training focussed at improving the loss in visual field or disability arises from the loss of patient s eye field.

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Interventions involve compensation which are strategies to minimize mismatch in the patient s ability with task difficulty; and substitution which can include environmental modifications to enhance vision such as adjustment of lighting.

Subsequent sessions will involve consolidation of the concepts with supervised practices comprising indoor and outdoor activities to enhance patients understanding and confidence and encourage participation. Rehabilitation education and activities include: Dressing Light closet to improve acuity.